Cade’s Lodge-DIY baby #2 nursery

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Hunting Lodge themed nursery for baby #2.

Design Inspiration

Originally I was inspired by a pallet wall found on Pinterest. Unfortunately we did not have the time that a pallet wall would require so we went about finding an alternative. We had considered wood paneling, but we weren't sure that would give us the look we wanted so we went to Lowes in search of pre-cut wood. We purchased multiple sizes and lengths, stained them, and went about assembling them to the wall. The wall is what inspired the rest of the decor.

Decorating Style

Rough and rustic

Project Details

Pre-cut wood from Lowes. Stained different sades to give depth to the wall. Assembled using a brad nail gun.

Lodge sign was made from left over wood. We stenciled the lettering and filled in with sharpie marker.

LED batter operated lanterns from

Hand-painted, resin formed animal heads from

The series of 7 nature photos were printed and modge podged onto canvas to add color to the room.

Dresser/changing table: these were old dressers from my husband's childhood room. We sanded and re-stained for a more weathered look. Used cut nails to add drawer fronts, changed the pulls, and added legs.

Bear rug: fabric purchased from Hancock's. We cut a piece of canvas into the shape of a bear using spray adhesive we glued to fur fabric and then cut the fur to match.

Crib bedding: made from fabric purchased at Hancock. Bumper pads, skirt, and fitted crib sheet all done in house.

Antler light switch cover from




Favorite Items

Being that it was the inspiration for my entire design I would say the wooden accent wall is my favorite thing.


When originally researching ideas for hunting lodge themes I felt overwhelmed and like everything was too expensive or too time consuming. Once we decided on a plan of action though it became very simple and way more inexpensive then I was expecting. We spent a total of 12-15hrs on the whole project and spent less than $500. So my advice would be just do your research and look for alternatives when you can.


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