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Budget Nursery


Since we are expecting our second child, we needed to design a nursery that was functional for both girls. The biggest challenge was trying to keep a close eye on the budget. The whole transformation cost under $400. The only existing furniture that we had prior were the crib and the changing dresser. We managed to get a new toddler bed, chest, chair, and all the decor for under $400. Most of the items were hand made by me ex. all the bedding, wall art, curtains, etc.

Design Inspiration

Our design inspiration really started when I saw Young House Love decorate their nursery. I wanted neutral and calming colors with touches of pink. Our first nursery was bright and colorful so this time around I wanted something much more calm. We have a separate playroom for the girls so the playroom is full of color while the nursery is more calm and made strictly for sleeping.

Decorating Style

Neutral, calm, and budget conscious

Project Details

You can view all the details on how I DIY all the projects in the nursery. I made everything from the canopy, wall art, butterfly mobile, curtains/valances, etc. There is also a link to the budget breakdown of the whole room.

Favorite Items

Its so hard to say because I hand picked a lot of the details but I would say the crib and toddler bedding. Both were made by me and knowing that our girls will be using them just makes them feel so special.


There a many ways to decorate a nursery on a budget. There are many options if you think outside of the box and use what you already own. Our budget didn't stop us from creating the nursery that we wanted for our girls.