Boho Baby Shower for Cambria

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All of my bohemian dreams came true with my baby shower! Macrame, florals, greenery, moroccan everything, DELICIOUS food and gorgeous desserts! No detail was left unattended <3 Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!! Xx


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    Hi Beth,

    The macrame wall hang is from Uruban Outfitters…the copper stand and flower garland were both DIY’s :)

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    Hi Jess,

    I made the teepee myself :) sticks are from Home Depot and the lace I seeed together from Joann’s, top is tied together with leather lace and the flower garland was also a DIY :)

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    Thanks Jess! It’s by Night Cap…it’s sold out unfortunately but they often have similar styles :) Xx

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    How did you attach the lace on the sticks? I’m making my own teepee as well and have the dowels and lace just wondering how you attached it all..
    thanks!! :)

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    Omg please tell me where you found that beautiful peacock chair!
    Your dress is stunning as well! I’ll be looking for a similar one at night cap :)

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    Hi Courtney,
    An angel friend of mine let me borrow it! But if I hadn’t found her there was a cute inexpensive black one at World Market or tones of companies rent them out if you don’t want to buy one. Hope you find a good one girl! And good luck on dress hunting, it can be a pain but when you find THE ONE it makes it all worth it! Congrats! Xx

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    OH your a gem Kelly!!! Thank you so much!!!
    Congrats on your bundle! Your baby will be beautiful :)

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    Thanks Courtney! She came in Feb and she is perfect (maybe I’m biased lol) you can check us (mostly her lol) out on Insta at @iamkellyhughes

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    Hi! I am totally in love with your dress, been my dress and I am having the first girl on both sides of our family out of 5 grandsons! Are you at all interested in selling it?

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    Hi Taylor,

    CONGRATS to you on your sweet girl! I unfortunately already sold the dress a while ago or I’d be sooooo happy to sell it to you. Good luck finding your perfect dress, I know It can be stressful! Wishing you a smooth rest of your pregnancy and a flawless delivery! Xx

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    Did you make the teepee? It’s beautiful I wanted to make one for my daughter in laws baby shower. I wasn’t sure how to do the material

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    Just wonde rif you had a link a anything to show me how you diy your baby banner b/c I am pretty sure you have sold it since 😢

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    I just figured out how to make one I didn’t see your response until now 😂 thank you for the beautiful idea though It would have saved me the headache and time though but I never got a notice In my email that you responded to my comment

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