Sutton’s Vintage Garden Nursery

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  • Vintage Garden Nursery
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I've had the idea for this nursery in my head ever since I was pregnant with my first baby, my son over 4 years ago. This will be our third and final baby, and it's a girl so I was finally able to create the nursery I had been imagining for years.

We put a lot of work into this one. The wallpaper from Anthropologie was my inspiration. My husband and I made the "LOVE" shelf ourselves using a DIY tutorial I found. The furniture (dressers, drawers, and chairs) is mine from when I was younger, originally from the 1940s. My mom and I repaired, refinished and re-stained it to make it new again. This was no small feat!!

I had the paper flowers custom made to match the wallpaper, and I went through over 1,000 fonts to pick the perfect ones for her name sign.

I also made the fluffy pink foot stool myself because I couldn't find one for sale that had pink faux fur anywhere!

The paper flowers that are attached to the "Love" sign, on the two pictures, and in a couple other spots in the room are from our wedding. I had them made as favors for our wedding and had a few leftovers saved. It's special to my husband and I that were were able to bring a piece of our special day into her room too!

The bedding and pillows are from RH Baby & Child and perfectly delicate for the theme.

This was so much fun to create, and we're happy with how it turned out. I'm still not sure which of my kids' rooms I like the best. I'd say I love them all equally, just like our kiddos themselves!!


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    WOW! Just wow! This is amazing! If you ever want to quit your day job, you could do this. I have to imagine other parents (and most professional decorators) are feeling inadequate right now.

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    Love the decor! We also plan on using this wallpaper for our little ones nursery! Where did you find the diaper changing pad cover?

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    I was searching through pinterest when I came across this, it is adorable! My daughter (also named Sutton!) was born in January this year and I figured it was time to spice up her room!

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