A Birdie First Birthday

  • Peach First Birthday Birdie Invitation
  • Streamers Hanging from Pergola
  • Felt First Birthday Crown
  • Gold Number One Balloon
  • First Birthday Photo Clothesline
  • First Birthday Birdie Themed Dessert Table
  • Peach and Sea Foam Blue Birdie First Birthday Cake
  • Birdie First Birthday Sugar Cookies
  • Number One First Birthday Sugar Cookies
  • First Birthday Cupcakes
  • Birdie First Birthday Bird Nest
  • Felt Birthday Favors
  • Creme Beige Striped Paper Straws
  • Birdie First Birthday The Birthday Girl
  • Clothesline of Photos for First Birthday
  • Birdie First Birthday Hand Painted Birdhouses
  • First Birthday Custom Chalk Poster
  • Hand Painted Hanging Birdhouses and Streamers
  • Birthday Party Messenger Bird Pinata
  • Peach Birdie First Birthday Smash Cake
  • Birdie First Birthday Girl
  • Birdie First Birthday Girl Wearing Felt Crown
  • Birdie First Birthday Girl Eating Her Smash Cake


First birthdays are always a huge celebration in our family, and keeping with the tradition, I had a ton of fun planning and crafting for our little one's first birthday. I chose a birdie theme, and the colors were coral, peach, a sea foam blue and gold. It was a beautiful day celebration our last beautiful daughter!

Design Inspiration

I chose birdie theme, loosely keeping with her nursery theme. The colors were inspired by a beautiful bracelet set that a dear friend gave me...as soon as she gave them to me, I knew they would be the colors for the party!

Project Details

A few things were home made, but most I found online:

Hand Decorated Cookies: rollinindough

Birthday Party Messenger Bird Pinata: Wunderland Home & Celebrations

Birdhouses: Michaels Store and painted by me

Gorgeous Cakes and Cupcakes: Sweet & Saucy Shop

Felt Birdies: Made by me

Creme Beige Striped Paper Straws: Creative Juice Cafe - I then used gold glitter tape and made straw flags.

Felt Birthday Crown: Mosey - I received the sweet crown, then proceeded to dismantle and re-create it!

Birthday Invitations: Designed by me using digital elements purchased at ShhMakerDesign

Mini-Prints for Photo Display: Print Studio

First Birthday Custom Chalk Poster: CustomChalkPosters - I then printed and mounted on a foam board at Staples


Favorite Items

It's really difficult to choose a favorite item for the party...I think it was the large photo display. It was so much fun to have a year at a glance, and see our baby grow up. I think the guests enjoyed seeing photos of themselves as well.


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    i’d really love t know where the ribbons were purchased as well as the paint colors for the bird houses if possible?

    thanks so much!!

  5. 5

    Super cute! What type of camera do you use to document your little one? Lens? I want to do a better job of documenting my little one:)

  6. 6

    Beautiful! Would you be interested in selling the template for the gorgeous invitation you designed?!

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    Hi, would you mind telling me the dimensions of the chalkboard? i wanted to order one but they are closed by now… so i’m thinking working out on a real chalkboard by myself! thanks a lot!

  9. 9

    where did you find the little paper (or felt?) bird cut-outs that you hung from the ceiling? and where did you find the peach colored crepe paper?

  10. 11

    I love this! I am looking to do a photo display like this one at my graduation party but all of the supplies I’m finding are very expensive. How’d you make yours and where’d you get the supplies? (poles specifically) Thank you so much.

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