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Daddy-Designed Transition Room


After having baby #2, we moved our oldest son out of his nursery and into this newly-designed toddler transition room. The room is designed by a dad and is for a two-year old boy named Brady.

Design Inspiration

I love clean, modern, sophisticated spaces. I tried to create a room that complemented our son's original nursery but was still unique in new ways. I wanted to create a reading corner so he can read on his own.

Decorating Style

Modern, sleek lines, and the right amount of neutrals and color. I love funky furniture, too. Form + function.

Project Details

  • The wall is stenciled with the Nagoya all-over pattern from Cutting Edge Stencils. The grey paint in the room is Benjamin Moore Storm AF-700.
  • I bought the frames above the crib from Hobby Lobby. They were originally black. I spray painted two coats of primer and two coats of yellow paint on them before hanging them.
  • The 3-D wall tiles are the Seesaw pattern from Inhabit, via We caulked the seams and then painted them white.
  • The map on the wall is an original work of art from MastersOfFate on Etsy. It's beautiful.
  • We put a "secret dinosaur" in the room behind the door. It's from ElfShoppe on Etsy.
  • The customized train art is from inkwelldesignstudio on Etsy.
  • The monkey lamps are from CB2. I replaced the original shades with blue shades I picked up at the Land of Nod outlet.
  • The Quidditch poster is from the Harry Potter shop at Platform 9 3/4 in London.
  • The hanging airplanes are from Pier 1.
  • The curtains are from Target.
  • The orange file cabinets are from CB2.
  • The bookshelf is from Ikea.
  • The crib is from
  • The rug is from CB2.
  • The dressers are from Land of Nod outlet.
  • The bed skirt is from Land of Nod outlet.
  • The orange chair is from Land of Nod outlet.

Favorite Items

I called the Land of Nod outlet near my house once a week for three months in order to pick up the two dressers at a discount. I love them. Overnight, I hide little things in the two small drawers of the dressers and when my son wakes up, I tell him that new things have appeared in his magic dresser drawers.

I also love the hopscotch rug. Brady runs into his room and does hopscotch on it before getting ready for bed.

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  1. avatar Carolina Ramos says:

    This is a great room. How did you hang the planes from the ceiling? I bought the same planes from Pier 1 for my son’s room but I have no idea on how to hang it.

  2. avatar DD says:

    Really cute room, but the current trend of hanging empty frames on the wall baffles me.

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  7. avatar maryjonono says:

    Wow, Nick, you’re amazing! I love what you did with this room, great planning, wonderful, thoughtful choices! I think you’ll win!

  8. avatar Holly says:

    I super love that Hopscotch rug! We can play indoors!