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Betsy’s Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Birthday


My daughter, Betsy, was turning one and I decided to do a Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star birthday theme.  I didn't want it to feel too girly so I used mint, gold, black, and white as the color scheme.

Design Inspiration

I wanted a simple theme that was fun for a first birthday.  I saw a few fun ways to prepare food in star shapes and knew it was the perfect theme. I used Pinterest a lot and found that many other mamas had done a "twinkle, twinkle" theme, too. Thanks for the inspiration, Ashlee Proffit and Kirsten Krason!

Decorating Style

I like decorating with simple details. I usually pick color schemes that work with our home's decor.

Project Details

I DIYed the star garland above the food table. I used a star paper punch and glued them onto clear thread. I had the gold scallop bunting and gold sequin runner  from a previous party and was excited to be able to use them again.

The "twinkle, twinkle" banners were homemade, too, using precut banner flags and gold chipboard letters from Michaels.

I also made felt shooting stars, like these, as party favors for Betsy's baby friends. Each star had sparkly ribbons trailing from it.  The babies loved waving them around!

Favorite Items

I loved the little party hat, even though Betsy was not as thrilled about wearing it!


Choose a color scheme that works with things you already have and compliments your normal decor.

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  2. avatar Jessica says:

    Hi Tatiana! I purchased it from this Etsy shop:

  3. avatar Tatiana says:

    I can’t find a similar balloon anywhere. Did you make it yourself?

  4. avatar Jessica Boro says:

    Hi! Thanks! I got the party hat from this Etsy shop:

  5. avatar Alexandra Zwaal says:

    Hi !! Did u make the hat urself?! Its lovely!!

  6. avatar Jessica says:

    Her dress was from Target Baby section (Winter 2014)

  7. avatar Julie says:

    Hi Jessica,

    Where did you get her dress?! It’s exactly what I want for my daughter’s first birthday!

  8. avatar Jessica says:

    Meredith, I bought the star light from Michaels and painted it and added glitter.

  9. avatar Meredith says:

    I would love to know where that star lamp is from!

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