Beckett’s Adventure Nursery

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When we found out we were having another baby boy I immediately knew I wanted a mountain wall! That is where my inspiration began. I had so much fun planning and putting together this nursery. Some of my favorite parts of this nursery are items used from our oldest son's nursery! I feel like the items look very different in the space, and it allowed me to spend less money in the end! It goes to show that though the style of the nursery may be different, some of the items can be reused in different ways to create a completely different look!


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    Can u please let me know the colours you used for the mountains on the feature wall. Or if you used a vinyl or wall decal?

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    I Love your mountain nursery! Is it painted or decal? If painted, what are the colors/instructions?

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    Hello! Would you mind to share all of the paint colors. I have been saving this pin for years and finally am having a boy! I would love to recreate this magical room!

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    I have used this as inspiration and recreated the mural. I will check my paint colors and post them here. It turned out great!!

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