Bowen’s Woodland Nursery

  • Woodland Nursery with Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall
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A fun woodland nursery for our baby boy! A reclaimed wood accent wall with bright colors and woodland elements create a unique space for our little one.

Design Inspiration

My husband and I wanted a modern rustic nursery for our baby that was all boy! My husband loves hunting and we wanted to incorporate his love for hunting and the outdoors into Bowen's nursery. I wanted a woodsy feel with bright modern accents that he could enjoy for a long time. We wanted it to be fun and boyish while still flowing with the rest of our house!

Decorating Style

Our style is a mix between rustic and modern. I love raw wood decor and neutral colors. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone a bit for Bowen's nursery and add bright fun colors that he would really love!

Project Details

Door Hanger: DIY (A sweet friend made for my baby shower)

Reclaimed Wood Wall: DIY (My husband spent hours doing this!)

Wooden B over Crib: Another sweet friend made for my baby shower

Changing Table/Dresser: DIY Repainted and added new hardware from Lowe's

Prints over Changing Table: DIY

Favorite Items

My favorite part of the nursery would definitely be the reclaimed wood wall that my husband worked so hard on! It definitely makes the room! My favorite item in the room would probably be the crib blanket because it was my inspiration/starting point for the whole nursery.


My advice would be find an item that you really love and start there! It can be overwhelming to find a starting point. I knew I wanted a rustic woodland nursery and when I found a crib blanket I fell in love with I decided to use that as my starting point. There are SO many ideas out there so if you find an item you really love and start there you won't get away from your original idea!


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    I love the color of the stain on the wood accent wall! What color did y’all use and was it water based or oil based?

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    Can you please tell me where are you got or how do you make the print on the changing table?

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    Can you ask your friend, where she got the letter from? I’m looking for the same exact one.

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