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Baby Finn’s Nursery


I designed and painted everything, I painted the walls in a flat pink then went back and taped and painted in the same color only a high gloss paint to create tone on tone stripes. I went to the craft store and bought the letters for her name then painted and bedazzled them. Its a prefect little girls room

Design Inspiration

my inspiration was to create a beautiful girls room that is something she would love as a baby as well as a young girl.

Decorating Style

modern, contemporary

Project Details

I used frog tape for painting the stripes, it works the best and doesn't let the paint leak through. Allow the flat paint to dry for at least 3-4 days before taping and painting the stripes.

The furniture is by Creations , and the chair is by Best furniture. All the bedding, curtain, lamp is from Kidsline

Favorite Items

her furniture, it is so girly

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  1. avatar nvernon79 says:

    Monica Cardona,

    The green is BEHR and it is called celery stalk

  2. avatar Monica Cardona says:

    Hi, I love the room, KUDOS!!!

    I’m looking for a similar green, and after spending $28 in samples, I’m tired, can you tell me who and what paint color your green is?

  3. avatar nvernon79 says:

    Rachael Johsnon,

    The brand is BEHR and the color is “Barley Pink” oh and it has 3 coats of paint

  4. avatar Rachael Johsnon says:

    forgot to make the botton below to notify me when reply comes, sorry.

  5. avatar Rachael Johsnon says:

    I love the soft pink color. What brand and name is it? thanks!

  6. avatar veronica says:

    I love this room! It looks so delicate and pretty. Great inspiration

  7. avatar hawahawa says:

    The white furniture pieces are so lovely and charming. They really make the nursery look clean and divine. Great job, mommy!