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Ariella’s Coral and Aqua Nursery


Ariella's nursery is a soothing oasis of coral pink, pale aqua, and bright white, & combines many hand crafted items from artists across the country.  The main focal wall stencil behind the crib is a uniquely Moroccan pattern, but when combined with other traditional and vintage shapes, it takes on a whole new style of its own.  Custom painted vintage frames hung above the changing table create a second focal point of their own without competing with the main feature wall, and simple details pull the room together for a cohesive look.

Design Inspiration

For our second daughter's nursery, I knew I wanted something different from our first daughter's room, which was lavender and white.  I went back and forth on color combinations and finally settled on coral and pale aqua after much debate.  I had been eyeing wall stencils on Etsy for some time, and decided a feature wall painted with a stencil would be my main design element/pattern for the room.  I then found the three mirrors which hang above the crib at Target, and was excited that they also mimicked the Moroccan wall stencil pattern as well!  I wanted a clean, fresh, and bright look to the room without a lot of fuss and clutter.  I also wanted a room that would grow with her as she gets older!

Decorating Style

My decorating style is traditional with a modern twist but also a vintage flair. I always have a hard time describing my own decorating style - it's just me!

Project Details

Ariella's nursery was about 6 months in the making: researching, bargain hunting, fabric finding, and vendor searching on Etsy, Pinterest, and beyond. Her nursery is an eclectic mix of new, vintage, and refurbished items.

Favorite Items

Favorite item #1: The wall stencil on the focal wall behind the crib - it's the main design element of the room and your eye goes right to it when you enter.  It really pulls the room together and is a unique statement piece you won't find in every nursery.  We had to paint the wall the darker of the two coral colors, and then stencil  the lighter color on top so that the wall would read lighter rather than darker.  I'm beyond happy with the end result, even though it was a lot of work!


Favorite item #2: Wall Frame Collage above changing table.  I envisioned this wall frame collage in my head, but it turned out even better than I had imagined! I slowly collected frames of different shapes, sizes, and materials until I had a combination I liked.  Then I traced each frame on parchment paper and hung the pieces of parchment up on the wall with painters tape to see what the layout would look like when complete.  It was an easy thing to do because you can just rearrange the pieces of parchment without ruining your walls with lots of nail holes!


If you see something you like for your nursery while out shopping - just buy it!  You may not find something you like better, and nothing is worse than buyer's (or non-buyers) remorse!

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  10. avatar Ashley says:

    Did your crib skirt fit properly? I have the same one and it is definitely not fitting as well as yours seems to be! Love the room by the way!

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  13. avatar Carol Sikora Campbell says:

    Beautiful room! Love the color combination. I think a tall double bookshelf or built-in shelves on the far wall would add a lot!

  14. I thought this was wallpaper! Wow, loving the stencil idea.

  15. avatar Kelly says:

    So pretty!

  16. avatar Emily says:

    Jennifer – I actually painted the canvas diaper caddy I found at Target to match. Megan – the light pink retro fan was a steal at Homegoods over a year ago. Thanks!

  17. avatar Megan says:

    Love this nursery! I am looking for a table fan and really want the light pink retro fan you have. Where did you purchase it from? Thanks!!

  18. avatar Debbie says:

    do you remember the name/brand of the mirrors? I being looking for them everywhere, I know you buy them in Target, but I havent found them

  19. avatar Jennifer says:

    Wondering where your diaper caddy on the dresser is from? It matches perfectly and I would love to find one!

  20. avatar Sarah says:

    I really want the antique photo frames but I don’t know how to get them. Please help xxxxxx

  21. avatar Jennifer says:

    Hi! So I have been working on my little girl’s nursery with this room as inspiration and just wanted to answer the question on how hard the stencil is. I’m still working on it but it’s really not hard, it’s just time consuming. If I didn’t have an 18 month old, I would be done by now, but I’ve only been able to work on it bits at a time during his nap. It looks great so far though, my husband wasn’t too sure about it but now that he’s seen the results, he loves it! I’ve also been working on doing the bloom balls myself and that has also been time consuming. I know all the hard work will be worth it in the end!! I bought the three mirrors from target but haven’t painted them yet, trying to figure out what type of paint I should use and need to find it in the right blue color of my dresser. By the way, I purchased her dresser from young america in the surf blue color, it’s gorgeous. Anyways, just wanted to help anyone out that’s wanting to do similar things from this nursery. It’s the most beautiful nursery ever and hopefully ours will look near as good. :)

  22. avatar Emily says:

    hi all,
    the stencil was insanely hard and i didn’t even do it – my professional painter did. He did an amazing job but it was a ton of tedious work. The stencil was purchased on Etsy (see above credits) and is a quatrefoil design (for all of you art history buffs.) drawer pulls are from Anthropologie. i think this answers all recent questions – thanks!

  23. avatar Eden says:

    Where did you get the drawer pulls?!

  24. avatar Shannon says:

    I am looking to stencil a wall of my nursery with the same pattern! Where did you get the stencil from and any idea on what the technical term for this type of pattern is??! Beautiful job, i would want to spend all day in there!!

  25. avatar Jennifer says:

    I love your nursery!!! It’s adorable!!!
    I have to ask, how hard was the wall stencil? I’m contemplating doing it, but I’m scared! I may have to just do wallpaper. Please let me know.


  26. avatar lindsaybird says:

    Beautiful! Love the frames and the wallpaper!

  27. avatar Brittney says:

    I love all the details!! Darling nursery!! Question about the wall stencil; was this painted on and if so where did you find the stencil?

  28. avatar Emily says:

    Thanks Angela, the mirrors and changing table were sprayed with lacquer by a professional painter. DMC Design Studio – the owl bookends were a find at Homegoods. I love them, too!

  29. avatar nicky says:

    Looks ridiculous and too old for a baby room

  30. avatar dmc's design studio says:

    Love love love this room! What a beautiful job! I was wondering where you found the owl bookends, I love them!

  31. avatar Carrie G. says:


  32. avatar Angela says:

    This little girls nursery is beyond words! Did you paint the items yourself or have the mirrors/end table/changing table professional done? Brushed or sprayed? Would greatly appreciate a response! Just beautiful work!

  33. avatar cadeidre says:

    Does anyone have the link to where the mirrors are? I cant find them in the store or online! Thanks in advance

  34. avatar Naomi says:

    So beautiful! I am amazed at how much of this was customized to you. So much inspiration in one room!

  35. avatar Kelsey says:

    So I found them in the store, they aren’t online. They are called the “clover mirror” and they are around 20 dollars per mirror. They should still have them in the store. In fact I was at my Target store yesterday and they had three in stock. I just need advice on painting them now!!
    Let me know if you have any more questions!

  36. avatar Crystal says:


    I LOVE EVERYTHING!! Awesome! I am trying to find the mirrors and having a hard time. The room is absolutely the best on the site though!

  37. avatar Crystal says:


    PLEASE tell me where i can find these mirrors?! I can’t find them on target website or any on the web anywhere else!

  38. avatar Dominique says:

    I just love the room its really nice and executed well!!! I was wondering where did you find the fan and wall clock?

  39. avatar Kelsey says:

    Hi there- I was just curious, did you just brush on the paint for the target mirrors? I finally found three of them, but I am nervous to paint them because they are more of a plastic. I guess it would just take a few coats. Also with the frames, did you just order them all and them paint them yourself? LOVE this nursery.

  40. WOW! What a JOY burst time to hold your new babie and be energized by your inspiriting and beautiful room! I remember when I taught you in preschool and you were such a creative little 4 year old! JOY Mrs Dellinger

  41. avatar Camille says:

    I love this room! So elegant. I would really love to get my hands on those wall hooks from Anthropologie, but they only have white…did you add the color? Thanks!

  42. I love the wall stencil and colors of the room! Beautiful! I also love the composition of the empty frames.

  43. avatar amirisbatista says:

    Simply Beautiful.

  44. avatar Tira J says:

    What a gorgeous nursery! Just perfect, right out of a catalog! Hope you win!

  45. avatar Jennifer says:

    Just perfect…again!

  46. avatar Erin says:


    Thanks! I just scored one on sale with an additional 40% off!

  47. avatar Emily7112 says:


    Melissa, I had the punch colored throw made for me by a girl on Etsy, her shop is Baby Beulah Boutique. The fabric is called Coral Minky Dot, and yes, it is so soft and matches the Serena and Lily bedding exactly! I also had a boppy cover made out of the same fabric as well!

  48. avatar Melissa says:

    Where did you find the punch colored throw that is photographed on the crib? I have the same serena & lily bedding for my little girl and have been looking for one to match!

  49. avatar hawahawa says:

    Such sweet, delicate and feminine colors! I absolutely adore those frames and those cute little mirrors.

  50. avatar Emily7112 says:


    Thanks Erin – The toss pillow is also from Serena and Lily!

  51. avatar Erin says:

    So so so gorgeous! I love that toss pillow! Where did you find it?

  52. avatar Nicole says:

    I absolutely love every detail of the room. Well done!! Makes me wish I was having a girl.

    Thanks for sharing!

  53. avatar Myia says:

    She’s done it again! Another gorgeous nursery!! My favorite part of it all has to be the frames and the birds. It’s the perfect mix of everything. So talented!

  54. avatar Mrs.Echon says:

    I’m in awe. I just love everything about your nursery! It was an easy 5 stars for me =) The room is soothing,cute but still very elegant. LOVE the colors you picked out =)

  55. avatar Cjko says:

    Really beautiful and I typically don’t like pink! Love the wall and colors.

  56. avatar Melisa says:

    I am so glad you shared. Congrats on an incredible nursery. You thought of everything and it’s perfect.

  57. avatar S.Harris says:

    Lovely! Stencil wall and color scheme is amazing! Well done!