Baby Emma’s Mural

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Did a tree for my niece Emma back in January (was still in her momma's belly then!). She is now 6 months old and so sweet and adorable!

Design Inspiration

Project Nursery pictures!

Decorating Style

Ummmm....? On this I don't know what to call it?

Project Details

Painting a mural is a bit safer than doing wall decals since they can peel off... and for a large one like this it's less expensive than a decal too!

Favorite Items



Look at pictures and use cardstock paper to first draw the images then cut and trace them on the wall and lastly, Paint!


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    Beautiful!  I love that it is painted, not plastic.  I agree with your philosphy that hand painted murals are a lot safer and prettier than decals.  I’m so over decals, but I accept them because I know it is fast, easy and sometimes less expensive than hiring someone like us.  As a fellow muralist, I want you to know I love your work!  Great job.

  2. 2

    Thank you Wendy! Your work is beautiful also! I visited your site and it is very nice. Thanks again (-;

  3. 3

    Very pretty tree mural. Love the colors. And I like that your photo showed you in action. I would love to get a glimpse of the rest of the room, though.

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    Hello Recreate,

    Thank you! It was my nieces mural and at the time the room wasn’t fully finished so I don’t have pictures… It is cute now though, so maybe I’ll take some pics with my phone next time I’m over there and share? (-:

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    Can you give a little more info on how you painted it? What types of paints did you use? What kinds of brushes? If you used regular craft acrylic paints, did you cover the mural with a clearcoat of any kind? Thanks! It’s beautiful!

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    I used the little samples of colors from Home Depot (Behr flat paint), and just chose the colors I wanted. Used brushes that you would paint a door frame with- maybe 1.5 inches of brush bristles wide? Also used some brushes I had already from doing paintings. No clear coat on the mural just used regular wall paint samples ($3 @ Home Depot). Thank you!!

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