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Baby Boy’s Woodland Adventure Nursery


My husband and I celebrated our first honeymoon and his 29th birthday with a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, last spring.  We spent 5 days exploring the wilderness and going on adventure tours to scope out animals.  Fast forward 8 months...we found out we were expecting and went to Home Goods for a fun celebration trip and to possibly purchase something for the baby.

We ended up looking at the decorating section of the store and decided to each pick out a focal point print for the room, his if it was a boy, mine if it was a girl.  He chose a moose (inspired by Jackson Hole) and I chose an elephant (I have always wanted a safari themed nursery).  The news came that we are having a boy and the moose print he picked became the inspiration.

I don't decorate a ton but when I do, it's a slow process.  I purchase things one at a time and figure everything out gradually.  My goal was to first get the furniture in the room and keep it very neutral with all grays and whites.  After that, I would hang artwork, decor, that could be swapped out for my future safari nursery.  Also, I wanted items that could be used again and would not be nursery exclusive.

As I mentioned we first bought the moose print as our inspiration piece.  We then picked out the color of paint for the walls, painted them...then came the furniture, one piece at a time.  The rug, then crib, then dresser, then chair, all staying primarily white and gray.  Then I found the pouf (for a little color) and the gray roller cart.  After that came the adorable baby animal prints, masks, and lastly the quote on the wall.

I had a million screenshots saved in my phone of different potential items but most ended up getting deleted along the way because it wouldn't end up matching after I saw what the rug looked like, or what the baby animal prints looked like.

Furniture first.  Then artwork!