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Tiago’s room.


This is a small, simple, safari inspired, and budget friendly nursery that I made for my baby boy. I did everything myself. The nursery is almost done, it needs only a nice rug, and the ruffles under the crib. But I confess, at this point, the weight of the belly makes me easily tired. I made this with my baby boy in mind, so I tried to think about everything that a little boy would enjoy. I wanted to explore numbers, letters, colors, and animals as educational items for the nursery. I hope you enjoy.

Design Inspiration

Safari / animals inspired.

Decorating Style

Contemporary, eclectic.

Project Details

Considering we chose the smallest room of the house for the nursery, I decided to choose light/relaxing colors rather than dark paint or wall paper. Also our floor is dark, so light colors on the wall would make more sense. Since I adore white baby furniture, I chose to buy everything white. Colorful accessories makes the room happier and more vibrant.

Favorite Items

I like the little tails that I used as handles. They were wall hooks that I transformed into handles. I like the cubbies as well as the letters on the wall. The recliner is extremely comfortable.


Enjoy your babies, everyday is a unique day. Good luck for all mothers-to-be.


Monday 3rd of November 2014

Very colorful nursery. I really liked the curtains.Where did you get the curtains from?


Thursday 29th of November 2012

Love this room!! Where is the bedding from?? and the little numbered baskets??


Saturday 1st of December 2012

The cubbies are from Ikea. The bedding set is from Amazon. The letters on the wall are from Amazon too.


Thursday 29th of November 2012

Love this nursery! you did a great job with the space.


Saturday 1st of December 2012

Thank you so much, Ania.

Andrea Lowe

Tuesday 27th of November 2012

You did a wonderful job with this nursery. It's actually the curtains that had me.


Saturday 1st of December 2012

Thanks, Andrea!


Friday 23rd of November 2012

Nice nursery. It's simple but the colors are bright and it really promotes a happy mood.


Sunday 25th of November 2012

Thanks, Florence! That's was my goal.