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A Vintage Beach Baby Shower


I threw this baby shower for one of my closest friends, Beth when she was 36 weeks pregnant.

Design Inspiration

I came up with the theme after being offered a gorgeous beach-front home to throw it in... how could I not do a beach theme? I settled on the color palette as an ode to the momma-to-be who is not a fan of the color pink! The end result was an adorable vintage inspired beach baby shower...

Decorating Style

Vintage inspired, bright and cheery.

Project Details

Event Styling:

Miss Party Mom-,,

Photography- Shutter Styles:

Printables and Paper Goods- Party On! Designs:

Cookies and Desserts- Hannah's Cookies and Treats:

Favorite Items

My favorite item were the beach bag favors filled with custom labeled sunscreen, hand sani, gum and a little paper umbrella... and the sand at the bottom of the bag to really bring that beach feel home!


It helped that I was throwing the party in the Summer right around the time stores are packed with lots of red/white/blue decor items!

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  1. avatar Tiffany says:

    Hi where can I find a baby cake topper like that one?

  2. avatar Miss Party Mom says:

    Sorry, I just saw this! Good eye- there was definitely no wall! I had a PVC structure set up which I then used lots of fishing line to anchor from the structure to the balcony… hope that makes sense.

  3. avatar allie says:

    what did you use to prop your background up with since it looks like there is no wall?

  4. avatar PN_Sabrina says:

    This is an AMAZINGLY clever and fantastic execution on a cheerful theme. Great job!