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A Shared Bedroom for Seven Grandkids


Oh, the task was daunting. It was nearly impossible. How-to-design a shared bedroom for seven kids. As challenging as this may sound, we had to make it work. The grandparents wanted to transform a spare bedroom into a sleepover delight for their seven grandchildren. The kids’ age ranged from three-years-old to eleven-years-old, and we were dealing with boys and girls. We used neutral décor, personal touches, and maximized its functionality in order to design a room for seven kids.

Choose the right furniture

Forget about the bunk beds. To avoid making this space look super crowded with heavy and dark bunk beds, we chose versatile white beds with trundles. Their clean lines complement any style, while the beds’ compact proportions make it easier to arrange them in the space. The beds worked really well placed against each other as well as against the wall. And the rollout bottom trundles allow lots of room for a play area when they are not in use.

Pick timeless décor

We worked with lots of different patterns and textures to create a gender-neutral bedroom. Mixing stripes in bold colors with geometric patterns give this room an eclectic and fun look. We’ve placed richly-hued pillows in different sizes and shapes for an added detail. Large and graphic fruit prints along with geometric boomerang wall decals bring a lot of color and interest to the walls. Finally, two sculptural lamps make a statement around the beds.

Create storage space

We placed some strong and sturdy storage bins under one of the beds to store daily items. We also added a graphic printed basket for additional storage while four wall hooks can keep coats and bags organized. The best of all storage areas in this shared bedroom is the bold-colored green locker. This locker is such a statement piece in this room. The kids love the locker, it really sets the tone for this sleepover room.

Make it personal

In order to make this room feel personal, we created a gallery-wall with all seven kids’ pictures. All seven photographs were framed in a modern white frame. The simplicity of this frame made it a breeze to create a gallery-wall.

We love how the room turned out and the kids love it so much.



Monday 16th of November 2020

This idea offered a good springboard to get me thinking of a good way to put 4 boys in a room. Thoughtful comment for not using dark, natural wood bunk beds (which was my original idea) and also using light colors. I wanted to go with white since the room has an island vibe (we lived several years on Aruba and wanted to carry out that theme.). If space will allow, I am now thinking of a U-shape with three beds but making the end a bunk to balance the room while still letting it seem spacious.

Patchi Cancado

Monday 15th of May 2017

Hi Pamela, The beds are from IKEA and the bedding is from Target. I am glad to hear you liked the room. xx

Pamela Ferreira

Friday 12th of May 2017

I love how clean this room feels. Where did you get the beds and bedding from?