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A Nursery for Will Monroe


I had so much fun creating this space for my first little one. It took a lot of time and thought, but I decided to go with something soft and simple. I didn't want to overdecorate  or incorporate too many colors. I'm not very crafty but I wanted to make at least one thing to add sentimental value. So I decided to make the mobile. There are still a couple things I want to add in over time, but for now, it's perfect for our little man.

Design Inspiration

I don't know if I necessarily had one main item of inspiration, just many hours spent on this website and pinterest helped inspire me.

Decorating Style

Easy on the eyes. I wanted the room to feel relaxing and quiet. Although I did a collage wall, I kept it simple and tried not to hang too many items.

Project Details

The Crib: Jenny Lind crib in white, with wheels removed.

The Chair: Target online has some fabulous options on gliders.

Bedding: I bought the fabric and my mother-in-law made everything from scratch.

The mobile: I found this boat pattern on pinterest and immediately knew I had to make it. The pattern isn't used as a mobile, so I had to get crafty to figure out what to hang it on. Hence why it is slightly crooked

The deer head: Z Gallerie

Rug and Curtains: IKEA

Lamp: Thrifted and re-painted

Baby style wax-warmer: Scentsy. They also have a baby scent that smells like baby powder and I LOVE how it makes his room smell. A very soft, inviting fragrance (helps cover up the smell of stinky diapers as well)

"Ride On" sign: Salty Bison etsy shop

Airplane and W: Hobby Lobby

Favorite Items

I have two favorite items in this room. The first being the deer head . It is the one thing that really clarifies the room as being "boy". It also pieces the collage wall together really well.

The other favorite being the rocking chair. I have spent so much time here and I am so happy that we spent the money we did to get something comfortable.


Don't buy things too quickly. Take your time planning the nursery. Envision what you want, and carefully search for the items. After all, you have 9 months to get everything together! :)

Jillian Scotts

Monday 28th of October 2013

I love so many things about your nursery. Like the deer head and antlers, that Ride On wall decor and the boats mobile.