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A Hunter’s Dream Nursery


Hunter's name was the inspiration for this design; it had to be special, playful and magical. This is a modern take on a forest theme. The color scheme (blue, green and blue-green) is great for bedrooms because of the calming effects they produce. With kids, it’s essential to be able to quickly toss and hide all the toys that eventually get left around the room. An over-sized storage ottoman is perfect for not only toys, but also nice for propping your feet up during story time. It’s perfect to sit on during sleep training and midnight feedings. The dresser which doubles as a changing table was updated with zebra and number pulls. Working with a strict budget we paid attention to the little things like changing the hardware on an inexpensive dresser to give it a custom feel without the price tag. Next to the glider is an animal leg table for easily placing a bottle. Flanking the crib are two ladder bookshelves with large bottom drawers for additional storage. Toys from the parent’s childhood are styled alongside other architectural and colorful toys and a few playful grown-up accessories. The vibrant blue/green chandelier mimics the rug and brings in a touch of elegance. Little details like the blue/green glass closet knobs help to bring in more of the color palette, adding to the overall look. Handy branch hooks hang above the closet door and the curious giraffe mounted to the wall is gazing toward the crib. Babies love busy patterns so we chose the oak tree wallpaper. The little white bird mobile blends in naturally and he will be entertained by both for hours.

The focal point in the room is the custom neon sign that says "Hunter." It's written in his grandmother's handwriting and will be a keepsake for him, but for now, it's his night light.




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  1. avatar Katelyn Furuta says:

    Hi, I love the neon green customized sign. Where did you purchase it from? I’m having a baby boy and would love to do hang something like that in his nursery. Please let me know, thank you!

  2. avatar Sara Ford says:

    Kelli Zink Levy I got the light at Z Gallerie :D

  3. avatar kelli zink levy says:

    where did you get the chandelier???

  4. avatar Susan says:

    Just love the whole viibe! It is so peaceful. I really like the idea of all those great places to hide all of the toys!

  5. avatar sara ford says:

    Thanks so much Kristi Lopez!!!! :D

  6. avatar Kristi Lopez says:

    This is soo cool, Sara! You are so talented!

  7. avatar Salomeh Moussavian says:

    Love it!! This is amazing!

  8. avatar Heidi says:


  9. avatar Brian joansingtown says:

    Wow amazing!

  10. avatar Chazz says:

    So awesome!!!! Love this. Please design my baby room!

  11. avatar Susan Simonians says:

    WWow! What a unique looking nursery. Hunter is one lucky little boy. I love the forest theme and the added touch of class with the beautiful chandelier. Who says you can’t have it all. You are a very talented designer. Will be in touch when my friend has her baby.


  12. avatar Diana G. says:

    The neon sign written in grandmothers writing is the best idea ever!!

  13. avatar Susan says:

    Sara, I was wondering…could you tell me the manufacturer and name of the area rug? Perhaps I could find it on another website. Thanks!

  14. avatar Juli says:

    Love it!
    Where did you get the ladder bookshelves?

  15. avatar Erin horn says:

    Love this..all of it! Where did you get the custom neon sign?!

  16. avatar Susan says:

    That’s the story of my life. Every time I like something, I find out it’s discontinued. Thanks for the info!

  17. Sara Ford says:

    Hi guys! thanks for the comments! I got the rug at but I asked if they still carried it and they no longer do…. :( bummer

  18. avatar Gina Harden says:

    Need this rug too! And where did you get the neon sign?

  19. avatar Susan says:

    Where did you get this stunning area rug? What amazing colors! I have long had a love affair with that wallpaper. It’s one of my favorites. Love the whole room!

  20. avatar Trisha says:

    Love this room! The neon sign is such a great idea!

  21. Sara Ford says:

    Of course Jessi! You can email me at and we can quickly chat about what you are looking to do! :)

  22. avatar Jessi says:

    This is so cool!!!! Can you help me decorate my daughter’s nursery?

  23. Sara Ford says:

    Thanks, Stephanie! XOXOXO

  24. avatar Stephanie says:

    Wow this is amazing! Very unique!