Baylor Boone’s Gender Neutral Nursery

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Baylor's Nursery - we didn't know what his gender was so we had to create a gender neutral nursery - with style of course!

Design Inspiration

We wanted the room to feel like part of our house and to use pieces that could transfer to the rest of our house once Baylor has grown out of his nursery. Plus, the room had to be the perfect mix of masculine & feminine!

Decorating Style

Rustic, antique pieces, gender neutral, detailed, eclectic and mature.

Project Details

We painted the room 'slate' by Restoration Hardware and slowly began collecting art pieces that we thought fit our vision. I began assembling them into a collage wall and that became the inspiration for the room. After that, it was pattern mixing, finding the perfect furniture to fill the spaces and creating meaningful vignettes.

Favorite Items

The dresser was found at a local antique shop, the iron boston terrier is a keepsake from my late father's house and the rocking chair is SO SO comfortable - a major plus in my book!


Keep your eye out for pieces that you would put in your living room or kitchen as they bring maturity and depth to a nursery. After all, you're the one who has to stare at the walls at 2 am while the baby is sound asleep in your arms (THE BEST FEELING EVER!!). This makes the room much more enjoyable and recycling furniture elsewhere in your house justifies spending more money than you might normally spend in a nursery. Invest in key pieces that you absolutely LOVE and you won't go wrong!


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    Love! Can you tell me what paint color you used? We’ve been looking at same shades for our baby boy nursery (due Aug). Thx!

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    Hi! Beautiful nursery! Love all the beautiful details, especially in the photo collage and on the shelves! By chance, could you share where you got the fan on the shelf? I’ve been looking for one! Thanks! :)

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    Hi! I’m sure there will be a ton of questions for you on your darling nursery and I’m here to add to them… Where are the crib bumper, sheet and pad cover from. Thank you! Love the room and the baby is just as darling.

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    Nice room! Can you tell me where you found that crib? just what I’ve been looking for….

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