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I am a stay at home mom with 2 boys (7 and 5), who throughly enjoys her projects and hobbies. I do photography for both enjoyment and as a little "job". Creating a beautiful home and space for my husband and boys is a passion, so when we learned we were expecting a "surprise" little girl, her nursery became my newest project.

Sweet and Crisp Sprinkled with Pink

As a mother of two boys (and an aunt to 7 boys), I have had little experience with much in the “girly” department.  In April we were shocked at the odds that a little girl would be entering this family full of only boys.  It looked like colors such as pink and purple may enter our life, as well as flowers and bows.  I knew I wanted to create a feminine space, but I wanted it to remain sophisticated, yet sweet.  It was too hard to resist the color pink after years of its absence, however, it is no surprise that the color blue found it’s way into sweet Carolina’s room too!