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Sana Ejaz

Pregnant lady whose favorite activity throughout pregnancy was to work on the nursery project!

Aiden’s Classic Theme Nursery

My husband and I are expecting our first baby so I decided to take on this nursery project. I kept the theme very subtle and neutral – reason being I am not sure what the baby is going to be into later on, so wanted to keep it very classic. Also we did not find the gender until later on so gender-neutral was the way to go!
I am so happy with how the nursery turned out! In terms of colors I knew I wanted to do beige and white so that’s where I started, and later on I decided to add some gray to it. To add some pop of color, I figured I should also add just a hint of green which also made the nursery more natural looking with some plants.
For anyone who is planning on setting up a nursery I would say have a clear idea of what you want the theme to be. Start with a couple colors, that would make the wallpaper/paint or other bigger items. Then once that is set up, see what other colors would look nice with it and add those. Do not buy everything at once, do it very gradually, making sure whatever you are adding to the décor goes with the existing one. For me personally it took about 2 months to set this nursery up because I did it slowly, buying the wallpaper first, then the wall art, then the furniture and so on.
Hope you all like the nursery!