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At Design Improvised, I blog all about simple home decor and entertaining projects that make a big impact. Almost all the DIYs on my blog can be done in under 1 hour for under $20!

Bright and Cheery Playroom

I had a lot of fun transitioning our old nursery into a playroom for my two girls. I love color and what better place to have fun with it than in a playroom?! The room incorporates a mix of new, vintage, and DIY design elements. I love having a special space in our condo for our girls to be creative and play together.
You can get all the details of the room and the different DIY projects within it here on my blog Design Improvised.

Ballerina Birthday Party

I was thrilled how this ballerina party turned out for my 3 year old daughter Stella’s birthday. It was a party full of relatively simple, inexpensive DIY decor projects that made for a big impact. Handmade ballet slippers, crepe paper roses, and a tutu birthday cake were the stars of the show (in addition to the little ballerina herself, of course!) You can get all the details here on my blog Design Improvised.

Eclectic Hot Pink and Blue Toddler Girls Room

I designed this eclectic room full of hot pink accents and colorful patterns for my daughter Stella after moving her out of her nursery into a ‘big girl room’ upon the arrival of her baby sister. The room is full of easy and inexpensive DIY projects, including several that showcase some of Stella’s own artwork! Find all the details here on my blog Design Improvised!

Stella’s Bohemian Chic Room

My daughter Stella moved out of her nursery into her ‘big girl’ room with the arrival of her baby sister.  While she is still in her crib, she sure thinks she is a big girl in this room, which gives her plenty of play space.  I had a lot of fun designing this “bohemian chic” room which uses a light blue and hot pink color palette and lots of fun girly, prints. I  tried to do it ‘on the cheap’ using Craigslist finds and DIY pieces.