Stella’s Bohemian Chic Room

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My daughter Stella moved out of her nursery into her 'big girl' room with the arrival of her baby sister.  While she is still in her crib, she sure thinks she is a big girl in this room, which gives her plenty of play space.  I had a lot of fun designing this "bohemian chic" room which uses a light blue and hot pink color palette and lots of fun girly, prints. I  tried to do it 'on the cheap' using Craigslist finds and DIY pieces.

Design Inspiration

My inspiration came from an inexpensive book of 12 prints (now framed on wall behind bed) I purchased a couple years ago, knowing I would want to use them somehow for my daughter down the road.

Decorating Style

A budget savvy, eclectic mix of vintage and modern, with lots of color, prints, and personal touches

Project Details

Here is a photo by photo description of the room: Photo 1 (Room View).  The wall color is Glidden's Fountain Mist. I spray painted old black frames hot pink to frame a set of cute girly prints from Suzy Ultman behind the crib.  The crib is from Walmart's Baby Mod line, the rug is also from Walmart.  The ottoman is from World Market, the pendant light is from Land of Nod (my sister made a cord cover out of a mix of fabrics to go over it)

Photo 2 (Room View 2): see abovePhoto 3 (Rocking Chair). I recovered a rocker / glider found on Craigslist and gave an old lamp a hot pink makeover with spray paint and some ribbon hot glued around the edge of the lamp shade.  The heart shape table is also a Craigslist findPhoto 4 (Kids Chair). I jazzed up an old magazine rack from Target with pretty papers from Snow and Graham.  I found the small wicker rocking chair and stool at a flea market for my daughter's tea partiesPhoto 5 (DIY Art).  had my two year old help make the art in her room - one of her drawings I wrote "Stella's Room" on top of, the other I used as a mat to surround her picturePhoto 6 (Crib). Bedding is from Pottery Barn KidsPhoto 7 (Toy Storage). Large bookcase / entertainment center used to house books and toys in polka  dot binsPhoto 8 (Decor). Fun multi-print dog (meant to be a door stop) and wall art from Daisy Barn ArtsPhoto 9 (Closet). I moved the dresser to the closet to make more space in the room for my daughter's toy kitchen and other playthings.  I painted the knobs pink to match the room colors and used more of the same dot storage bins that are in her toy storage area


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    I just love love love those prints framed in pink and lined up on the wall. The prints look really cute and girly. I got really curious about these prints and had to Google Suzy Ultman. =)

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    I like the dominantly soft-blue and soft-pink colors. The framed Suzy Ultman prints are my fave, too. I also had to check out her site, and the prints are really charming.

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    Love the prints! I’ve been looking for a way to display my son’s photos. What a great idea!!!

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