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Gifts Define

If you mix equal parts of creativity and whimsy, add just a dash of magic, and perhaps a pinch of childhood delight, you would probably end up with one of Gifts Define's unique creations. A Gifts Define design is an entirely hand-stitched, handmade work of art that adds wonder to home decor and special occasions. It is also important to know what Gifts Define is not. A Gifts Define piece is never plasticky, never papery, never cheap or of poor quality. Gifts Define products could never be made in factory, nor would you ever find them in one of those ho-hum cookie cutter big-box stores. That's just not who we are, and we never will be. Gifts Define pieces are artistically crafted by artisans who have turned their passion into their profession. Proudly handmade with love in the U.S.A.!