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Celebrate in Detail

My name is Laura Orlando. I am a teacher and a mom of two. I offer creative ideas to help busy moms create memories with family and make meaningful connections in the classroom. My Etsy shop provides printables to make those connections at home and in the classroom easier!

Pink Lemonade Party

This adorable pink lemonade party was for my niece Elle’s 9th birthday.  Summer themed parties are just the best to plan because you have so many options.   You can literally play off of any fruit and create a party around it!  ?  Pink Lemonade was my niece’s choice and I loved the idea!!  I hope you love all the details that went into this fun party!
The dessert table was filled with lots of sweet lemonade theme treats!  Cookies and Cupcakes are always a must on a dessert table! These cupcakes were so much fun!  Just add a cute straw and a gummy lemon cut in half! The party favors were a huge hit!!!  My sister-in-law put together these amazing favors.  They were filled with candy, lemon flavored gum, bubbles, lemon sanitizer, a pinwheel, lemon fan, and lemonade mix.  I made the personalized stickers for the buckets with each girls name and the lemonade mix stickers. The party decor signs were all purchased at Hobby Lobby!  They had a huge Pink Lemonade section in the spring and I scooped up a ton of great lemonade decor for the party! You can not have a lemonade party without having a lemonade stand!  The stand was decorated with pink and yellow tassels and yellow fans.  The Lemonade sign was purchased at Oriental Trading.  The girls each had their own personalized plastic mason jar from Etsy. This Pink Lemonade Party was so much fun to help put together and I think it turned out just great!  It was a beautiful day for swimming and fun!!

Popsicle Pool Party

Summer is here and I am loving being out of school and enjoying every minute with my family.  I am so excited to share with all of you my popsicle pool party.  This party is sure to get anyone into the summer season!  First of all, what is a pool party with out an adorable huge pool float! These days the huge pool floats are all the rage, so I had to get one.  I found this popsicle pool float on Amazon. My party table started off with this amazing tassel garland from The Flair Exchange. I just love their tassel garland! They have the best color combinations to choose from.   You can also design your own garland! The colors in this particular garland remind me of yummy popsicle flavors. Delicious sugar cookies are always a must on my dessert tables.  I had a lot of fun making sugar cookies into popsicles!  I cut out the sugar cookies into popsicles using a tombstone cookie cutter.  After the cookies were cool I used my buttercream frosting to adhere the popsicle stick to the back of each! I then decorated and sprinkled the tops with the cutest sprinkles from Sweets and Treats Boutique. Next, I made delicious vanilla cupcakes.  I topped each vanilla cupcake with buttercream frosting and the same gorgeous sprinkles I used on my cookies. I also made these adorable popsicle cupcake toppers using my Cricut Explore.  I hot glued a popsicle stick  to the back of each popsicle top.  I then decorated each with the left over sprinkles from my cupcakes.  I just love the way they turned out!Of course I needed popsicles on my dessert table at my popsicle pool party!  I love these adorable pink mini buckets from Oriental Trading.  I used these adorable mini buckets as the individual ice buckets. I added a little bit of ice to each bucket and placed each popsicles in the ice.These mini gumball machines are always a huge hit with the kids at any party!  Fill them with any color candy to match your party theme.  I used light blue and pink sixlets in mine. I hope you loved this popsicle pool party that would be so perfect for a fun poolside summer birthday!