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The High-Tech Nursery

With so many high-tech nursery gadgets on the market, it’s easy to wonder, Do I really need that? And while there are many aspects of parenthood that don’t require any technology, there’s something to be said for the latest baby gizmos to help make our lives a little calmer, easier and less stressful as new parents.

While you don’t need the latest baby technology in your nursery, I picked out a few of my favorite high-tech baby products that can actually free us up to worry less.

Talli Tracker: Tracking a baby’s diaper changes and feeding used to be a guessing game and I found all the apps just made things more complicated. Enter the Talli tracker. There’s something so satisfying about having a physical device where you can log feedings, diapers, sleep and more with just a touch of a button. Multiple users can connect to your Wi-Fi and the Talli will send the event to the app so you can always have the information you need when visiting the doctor. There’s also an Alexa integration for when you’re holding baby and need voice-control, which really ups your high-tech nursery game.

High tech nursery gadgets - Talli Tracker

Project Nursery Dreamweaver Shine Sound Soothing Projector + Nightlight: A nightlight, image projector and sound machine all in one beautiful package. There are two light modes, which offer a soft, warm glow and a sleep timer that you can pre-set to correspond to your baby’s sleep cycles. And we love the option of having nine ceiling-projected images to choose from, which provides a calming distraction for babies when they are fighting sleep.

Dreamweaver Nightlight and Sound Soother
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    Kahlmi: The sense of touch is baby’s first language. So it’s not surprising that the importance of baby massage for baby’s neural, cognitive and emotional development has been shown time and time again through numerous clinical studies. That’s why I created the Kahlmi baby massage wand, the first baby massager that will allow you to relax and interact with baby. The three gentle vibrations can help soothe baby before bedtime to help with sleep. There are also three interchangeable heads that allow you to create a different sensory experience. Bonus: It’s portable and can be used as a lactation massager to help with milk flow and clogged ducts.


    4Moms mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet: Bassinets are one of the most recent entries to the high-tech nursery. This latest bassinet uses motion and sound to help calm baby in the middle of the night. Even if your baby doesn’t need the rocking feature, it’s a great bassinet in terms of functionality and ease of assembly. It’s also portable and can be moved from room to room.

    4Moms Sleep Bassinet in High Tech Nursery

    Storypod: I can’t tell you how many times after a long day, I wanted to snuggle up and read to my child but wished I could give my croaky voice a rest and just have someone else read me a story. Yes, tired moms need snack, story time and a break, too. Enter StoryPod, each plush character attaches to the main pod and unlocks a library of stories and educational content. You can also use the pod to record your own voice reading the stories so you can take a break and just focus on cuddling.

    Storypod with Lamb

    The Nozebot Baby Nasal Aspirator: Dr. Steven Goudy, a pediatric ENT and creator of the Nozebot, knows his stuff when it comes to clearing tiny and delicate nasal air passages. The Nozebot is hospital grade so expect a stronger suctioning than anything else on the market with three levels of suctioning to help provide relief for congestion and winter colds. You can charge at home and keep in the nursery or stick in your diaper bag for when your baby or child needs extra relief while traveling. 

    Nozebot Nasal Aspirator

    Project Nursery Surface XL Pro UVC Sanitizer: With every parent officially becoming a germaphobe during the pandemic, it’s no wonder the Project Nursery Sanitizer had to up the sanitization game. I love that this is a larger unit and comes in a modern white finish that goes with any nursery. The sanitizer comes complete with multiple UVC LEDs that zap 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and is a no-brainer when it comes to sanitizing pacis and teethers. Bonus: It’s extra roomy so you can toss in your personal gadgets like cell phones and tablets, too.

    Project Nursery Sanitizer

    Baby’s Brew Portable Bottle Warmer: The first battery-powered portable bottle warmer, Baby’s Brew warms up baby’s bottle with the push off a button and doesn’t require a plug in. It usually takes about 5-10 minutes to warm up to a nice lukewarm temperature, and it gets high praise for portability. Keep it in the nursery for when you need to warm milk in the middle of the night, and of course, take it on-the-go with you so you can give baby a warm bottle of milk wherever you roam.

    Portable Baby Bottle Warmer

    What are your favorite innovative baby products in the high-tech nursery gadget realm? Please feel free to share which items you think are a must and which you think are a pass in the comments!

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