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Your Perfect Nursery—Nursery Design Expert Naomi Coe’s New Book!

It’s finally here! Today is the day I get to share the cover of my book with you! I’ve spent the last year writing and producing a book all about nursery design. It’s called Your Perfect Nursery, and it’s my “baby.”

It was super important to me that this book be a true resource, not just a book full of pretty photos (although it certainly has those too). It’s packed full of actionable information on floor plans, budget, color, themes, decor, installation and so much more! There’s even a nursery checklist, style guide, floor plan template and a big list of shopping resources that I use everyday.

In addition to design, style and decor, there is also a ton of safety information in this book. Most of my clients get overwhelmed with nursery safety, so I dedicated a whole chapter just to safety.

Designing a nursery is always a challenge. There are so many questions that you may have, and I’ve answered them all in this book. It starts from the very beginning and walks you through the whole process—from finding your inspiration to putting that last finishing touch on the room. So without further ado, here is the book cover!

Your Perfect Nursery - book of nursery design advice and inspiration
Your Perfect Nursery by Naomi Coe

The cover photo decision was a big one. We wanted a cover that was bold yet refined, that represented the type of spaces that I design, and that wasn’t overly masculine or feminine. You may recognize this nursery as one that I revealed on Project Nursery recently! This particular nursery (and black and white in general) has been pretty popular lately, so it seemed like the perfect choice. This nursery also has elements of modern, bohemian, and Scandinavian so the cover feels well rounded. The mauve and gold accents give it a softness, which helps to round out the boldness of the black.

The book will be out on April 6th, but it’s available for pre-order now!

Eyeing that crib on the cover? It’s available in The Project Nursery Shop.

Writing this book has been a labor of love for me for this past year, and I’m so excited to share it with the world. Happy designing!