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Morgan Bullard’s Nursery Design Reveal

We shared a peek of Morgan Bullard‘s nursery on instagram, and today we are touring the whole space with the behind-the-scenes scoop on the design process from designer Caitriona Boyd, for YouthfulNest. You’ll be able to spot several items from The Project Nursery Shop since we worked with Morgan on this nursery as well. It turned out so pretty!

Morgan Bullard's Nursery with Pink Floral Wallpaper
Edie Wallpaper | Crib

We love that eDesign makes working with a professional designer more accessible for new parents. Can you tell our readers a little about the process, using Morgan’s gorgeous nursery as an example?
Our goal isn’t to get a client’s design done as quickly as possible and then move along to the next client right away. We want to work with you closely to achieve what you’ve dreamed. Morgan’s final design wasn’t exactly what I presented to her at first. There were product changes over a few versions. The fact is, sometimes seeing something in front of you helps you realize what you love or don’t love.

Girl's Nursery Dresser with Mirror and Etagere Shelf
Tassel Basket | Reva Basket + Liner | Mirror

We are especially impressed by how cohesive this nursery is. The mirror so nicely following the lines of the etagere bookcase is a masterful touch. Would you mind giving our readers tips on how to achieve a cohesive look without having to be too matchy-matchy?
Achieving a cohesive look without being too matchy-matchy really comes down to balance, a key design principle! For example, if you have a lot of angular pieces of furniture it is smart to use some softer accents. In Morgan’s room, I aimed to keep it soft and warm with lots of organic lines. You can see that play out in the subtle curved lines of the Kiwi glider, then in the rug and again in the brass mirror.

Pink Floral Wallpaper and Kiwi Glider with USB charging and electric recline
Glider Recliner

Were there any challenges that you faced in this nursery and how did you overcome them?
Like many clients, Morgan had been collecting lots of room inspiration and product ideas to share with her designer. Where she got overwhelmed was trying to narrow all the options down. Helping clients get and stay focused is one big way we help bring confidence to the decision making process.

Hair Bow Storage in Girl's Nursery with Bunny Sketch Art Print

What is your favorite element in the space? What did mom and dad love most?
My favorite element of this space has to be the Edie Wallpaper. It was actually selected by Morgan and became the jumping-off point for the rest of the design. It set the tone, and I selected everything else to play off its coloring and texture. It’s such a great focal wall that it feels like a piece of art.

Morgan Bullard's Nursery with Pink Floral Wallpaper
Bunny Rocker | Gold Name Sign | Rug

What is your advice for parents when working on a nursery design with a professional designer?
The best piece of advice for working with a designer is communication! Without it, there can be frustration for both the client and the designer. This is why the first thing we have clients do is complete a lengthy and detailed questionnaire. And we offer unlimited digital communication within our online design platform.

Bird Baby Mobile with Leaves and Flowers
Bird Mobile

Another very important thing to have ready before talking with your designer is a budget. A budget that you and your partner agree on. This info is required in the questionnaire before we designers can start on a design. I would hate to present pieces that a client falls in love with and then learn those products are out of their financial reach.

Clever Bow Storage and Organization - Hair Bow Organizer
Bow Organizer

Any must-haves you find yourself using over and over again when designing nurseries?
I always provide a quality rocker, a lamp (preferably with variable light settings), and some extra shelving. Let me tell you, you cannot get enough storage when you have a baby!

Gold Etagere Glass Shelf in Morgan Bullard's Nursery
Etagere Shelf | Tassel Basket | Pom Pom Basket

A little more about the e-Design process from YouthfulNest founder Lisa Janvrin.
YouthfulNest knows that personalization is important to today’s parents, which is why we curate a completely custom room design for each client just like we did for Morgan Bullard. We did this by pulling the right products together to create a stylish and functional nursery—within her budget and in less time. For parents, this removes the stress of the overwhelming task of product selection and purchasing. For Morgan, this freed up her time to spend with her little girl, who was soon to be a big sister.

It all starts with the purchase of a flat-fee e-design package like the Mini e-Design Package sold on Project Nursery. The Mini package includes a set of services that are essential and have been carefully developed based on the needs of clients over the years.

Our virtual process is super convenient. It allows for a designer/client collaboration from anywhere—on a mobile phone or computer. All our designers are so talented they can create any room style or setup. For example, Caitriona lives in Canada and is a mama of three young boys. Yet, she effortlessly created one the most feminine nurseries for Morgan, who lives in Georgia and has two girls.

After a package is purchased we email the client and invite them to create their online studio. That’s where a client’s first task is to complete an online questionnaire. Morgan did an excellent job providing all the required information including budget, room inspiration, existing room images, room measurements, favorite brands, etc. Then her designer got to work translating her vision into reality.

Finally, after approving and rejecting products the client receives a digital shopping list. With the Mini package, a client has the option to take self-shop or use our personal shopping services free of charge, a $99 value.

Sign up for your own e-Design package today!

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Audra Granath

Monday 6th of July 2020

I love it! That is such a sweet nursery. Beautiful!

Mama Martens

Monday 6th of July 2020

Love it! Any chance you could tell me the name of the light fixture?