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How to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower + Celebrate Moms-to-Be While Social Distancing

Okay, sharing tips on how to throw a virtual baby shower is definitely not a post we wanted to write. There is nothing we love more than showering mamas-to-be with joy, treats, hugs and love. Pregnant mamas are doing the hardest work of all—creating brand new little people—and we want you all to be spoiled, and we know your friends and family want you to be too! Since expecting parents are having to cancel their baby showers, we asked our followers what they’ve been doing to celebrate moms-to-be while social distancing in lieu of a traditional shower. You all came through big time. Here are some of the ideas crowdsourced from you!

Virtual Baby Shower during Social Distancing
image via @chelsgarriock

1. Zoom Baby Shower/Click and Ship Shower. Friends and family gather virtually through an online meeting place. Play games, share advice, even watch the mom-to-be open a few gifts shipped in advance. Online baby registries make it easy to ship gifts directly to the parents’ home, so don’t forget to register! One woman shared that all her friends and family wore pink to celebrate her baby girl. So sweet.

2. Front Porch Diaper Dump. Friends and family are arranging surprise diaper drop offs for the parents to be. Drop the diapers, knock and leave! You can even have diapers shipped directly to your friend’s home.

3. Delivery Meal Train. Instead of the traditional dropping off of homemade meals for new parents, friends are opting to send gift cards for local restaurant food delivery instead. It helps the new parents and supports local businesses. And if parents are uncomfortable getting delivery right now, they can always save them for later.

4. Regular Calls or Texts to New Mamas. Check in with your new mom friends regularly. It can be hard transitioning into motherhood any time and potentially even lonelier in this time of social distancing. So even though you can’t offer to hold her baby for her to give her a little break, you can let your friend know you are there for her just by listening and checking in often.

5. Drop Off Household Essentials. Expecting parents or parents of a newborn may be even more hesitant to leave the house in order to get household essentials at the store. Offering to drop off items that are still hard to order via delivery, like toilet paper and cleaning products, can be so helpful for those who can’t leave their homes.

6. Send a Video Message. One mama-to-be’s sweet husband arranged a compilation of short video messages from their friends and family. Such a great idea.

Please comment below with your own experiences with virtual baby showers or your ideas for caring for moms-to-be while social distancing because we are all figuring this out together! We are grateful that there are ways to celebrate new parents and show your love while still social distancing and keeping everyone safe. Remember to use all the recommended safety precautions when receiving packages.


Monday 21st of December 2020

This is such a great idea for a baby shower. My friend has her baby shower next month and got her a baby skincare set by the moms co., . Can't wait to share your ideas with her. :)

The Party Room

Tuesday 2nd of June 2020

Great article, some really great ideas here!