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In the His and Her Nursery with Little Adi + Co.

Today we’re taking a peek into a shared his and her nursery designed by Adrianne Betz. Her newborn baby daughter Kamryn, three months old, shares the nursery with her big brother, Cason, who is twenty months old. We love that Adrianne chose to distinctly design each side as if they were separate rooms, and the combination of the feminine floral side and the fun and graphic side is perfection. We partnered with her on this space, so you can spot lots of items from The Project Nursery Shop! Thank you, Adrianne, for sharing the finished results with us.

Floral Wallpaper and Pink Crib
Wallpaper | Tassel Wall Pendant
Toddler Boy Room with Graphic Wallpaper
Dresser | Washable Rug | Blue Bedding | Sheet

My name is Adrianne and I am the founder of the clothing brand, Little Adi + Co. My background in fashion design and my love for home décor and motherhood have truly collided when planning my kids’ nurseries. I find so much joy and passion in sharing how a home can be beautiful, inspiring and a place you truly love, while still remaining low maintenance and kid-friendly. 

Baby Girl Nursery with Pink Crib
Cuddle + Kind Dolls
Toddler Boy Wall Decor
Surfer Picture

Where did you pull inspiration for your nursery design? 
Having limited space, I knew Kamryn would ultimately have to share a room with her brother. It was important to me that they both were able to maintain their personalities within the room, but the design could mesh well together. I stumbled on the wall art pairings and knew they were meant for her. The rest of the design kind of just fell into place around them. 

Shared His and Her Nursery
Lidded Storage Basket | Dresser | Washable Rug
Baby Girl Nursery Wall Decor
Birth Poster

What part of the design process did you enjoy the most?
I’m such a visual person, so I always love when everything comes together in the end. When the décor elements start to play off of the bigger pieces, like the wallpaper or the art. When little things work perfectly within the space and it wasn’t intentional—that’s definitely my favorite.

Toddler Boy Room with Graphic Wallpaper and Unique Art
Fun Times Art | Stormy Palms Photo | Line Art | Macrame Feather | Pray for Surf Tapestry
Rose Wallpaper and Tassel Wall Pendant in Baby Girl Nursery
Left Art | Right Art | Pink Crib

What is your favorite part or detail in your nursery?
My favorite part of Kamryn’s side of the nursery is the juxtaposition of the sweet design elements to the more graphic modern pieces. The floral wallpaper and the pink crib mixed with the fringe pendant light and abstract pieces of art above her bed—that entire look, I’m just in love with it, and I feel like it’s the perfect representation of her.

Nursing Nook in Shared Boy and Girl Nursery
Rocker | Lumbar Pillow
Toddler Side of His and Her Nursery Design
Toddler Bed | Racecar
Nursery Pillows
Crib Sheet | Sun Pillow | Black + White Pillow

What is one thing that you would tell other parents to consider when starting their own nursery design project? 
Babies are only babies for so long. Plan your nursery around what ultimately makes you happy! You’ll be spending a lot of time in there in those early months, and it helps to be in a space that brings you so much joy. Take advantage of it while you can. 

Design Transition in HIs and Her Nursery Design
Pink Suitcase

Photography by Adrianne Betz

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Thursday 22nd of October 2020

Can you share how you did the black and white wall for your son? Is that wallpaper or stencil? Beautiful job!!