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In the Nursery with Arin Solange

We have such a special rainbow nursery for you to tour today! You are going to love this bright and airy, whimsical space full of unique touches. Mom Arin designed this nursery for her fourth baby, Goldie, and Arin is super creative as you can easily see on her own website Arin Solange at Home. Her amazing IKEA dresser hack tutorial and DIY yarn wrapped rainbow post are great places to start on her site. You can also follow along with Arin and her family on her instagram account.

Thank you, Arin, for sharing this amazing rainbow nursery with us. We’ll let you take it from here!

Rainbow Nursery with Hanging Rattan Chair and Pink IKEA Hack Dresser

My name is Arin, and over the past seven years of motherhood, I have grown to truly love learning to mesh my world of creativity and decor with motherhood. I find so much joy and passion in sharing projects, inspiration, and tips in keeping your home beautiful while still being a place where your kids can be kids.

Unique Rainbow Yarn Wall Hanging
Convertible Crib | Crib Skirt | Rug
(wood beads for pictures only; will be removed once baby is sleeping in nursery)

Where did you pull inspiration for your nursery design? 
Designing Goldie’s room was a slower process than usual for me. First, I knew I wanted the room to be bright and airy. Then a few of the decor pieces I loved all happened to have a subtle “in the sky” theme, and I just went with it!

Rattan Chair in Baby Girl Room
Rainbow DIY Tutorial | Hanging Chair | Rainbow Pillow
Pink IKEA Hack Dresser with Acrylic Wall Bookshelves
Pink Dresser IKEA Hack Tutorial | Changing Pad Cover | Lamp

What part of the design process did you enjoy the most? 
Goldie’s room was really fun at the end. I slowly added things to try to hit the perfect amount of minimalism yet keep it fun.

Acrylic Wall Bookshelves with Books for Baby Girl
Acrylic Bookshelves | Felt Ball and Rainbow Garland
Light and Airy Subtle Rainbow Themed Baby Girl Nursery
(wood beads for pictures only; will be removed once baby is sleeping in nursery)

What is your favorite part or detail in your nursery?
It’s a bit of a tossup between the hanging chair that I knew I needed as soon as I found out I was pregnant or the wall rainbow, which happened to be the last item I added when I felt the room needed just a little something more.

Bunny Pencil Holder Used to for Pacifier Storage
Bunny Pencil Holder turned Pacifier Holder (so cute!)
Throw Pillows and Llama Stuffed Animal
Llama Doll | G Pillow

What is one thing that you would tell other parents to consider when starting their own nursery design project? 
First, remember the key function of the room. Make sure you choose items and accessories wisely that will make the room function well in those long, early days.

Rainbow Yarn Wall Hanging
Rainbow Wall Hanging
Stuffed Animal Storage in Girl's Room with Pom Pom Accent

Secondly, do what makes you happy. Don’t worry about trends or “what’s in.” The nursery will look totally outdated to your child in twenty years no matter what, so you may as well love the space now!

Baby Girl Nursery with Rainbow Theme and Pink IKEA Hack

Photography by Amy Rahm & Arin Solange

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Wednesday 23rd of December 2020

Hi Sasha - This room was pained in Valspar Du Jour.


Wednesday 23rd of December 2020

Do you recall which wall paint color you used?


Sunday 6th of September 2020

Hi Kaitlyn,

I got it from a local person who does wood signs - if you want to DM me on Instagram (@arinsolange) I can get you the info.


Sunday 6th of September 2020

Where did you get the sign “a drop of golden sun” from?


Saturday 21st of March 2020

Hi Meg, I am not sure if it’s still available but if so it’s from Target 💕!