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30 Maternity Bathing Suits to Rock Your Bump this Summer

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy summer to its fullest. Slip on one of these maternity bathing suits we’ve showcased in our slideshow above and head to the water. Now your bump may be small enough that you can continue to rock your non-maternity two-piece swimsuit, but sometimes you want a little more coverage.

Most maternity swimsuits are one pieces, but you can also find maternity bikinis with high rise bottoms for extra support that were made to accommodate your bump. It’ll be much more comfortable than trying to squeeze into your regular suit.

Don’t feel shy. When you are tipping into the third trimester, nothing is more relaxing and relieving on your joints than floating in a pool where the water helps support your bump. You’ll feel lighter than you have in weeks. Even if you don’t love getting in the water or your doctor has advised you not to, use your maternity bathing suits to lounge poolside or on the beach with a nice book. Just don’t forget your beach umbrella and your sunscreen since your pregnant skin is extra sensitive.

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Maternity Bathing Suits