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Trendspotting: 22 Woven Pendant Lights

Rattan, bamboo, cane, whatever you want to call them, natural woven pendant lights are having a moment. Not too long ago, we drew your attention to the popularity of a woven bamboo IKEA pendant, but these natural beauties are showing up in all shapes and sizes. We’ve sourced a bunch for you across all price points. Swipe through our slideshow above to see the woven pendant light options, and take a look below to see a few more we’ve shared on our instagram feed to get an idea of how pretty they can look in a nursery.

Nursery by @allihavrilla | Pendant Source

Nursery by @agnes_papillon | Pendant Source

Nursery by @meaganwernikoff | Pendant Source

Nursery by @caseymason_ | Pendant Source

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