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A Mealtime Prep Game Changer

I’m on my third child. One would think I would have discovered all the parenting tricks already, but this latest mealtime prep game changer has been a lifesaver or more accurately a HUGE timesaver. With three kids, getting dinner on the table quickly is getting a little trickier. Add in prepping food for a tot who still needs all her pieces itty bitty, and I’ve got some cranky kids waiting for their food. What has got me singing a different tune is something so simple—food scissors!

Small Safety Food Scissors
Simba Premium Baby Safety Food Cutter

Food scissors are the perfect tool for snipping up tiny bite sizes of all your family meals. It is no exaggeration to say it is SO much faster than trying to cut up everything with a knife, and when you are trying to get food to a hungry toddler, that’s everything. Personally, I also find it easier to cut small enough pieces with the scissors, which is a must for a little one learning how to eat table food.

Small Safety Food Scissors
Simba Premium Baby Safety Food Cutter

Any food scissors would work. Food scissors often have serrated blades unlike regular scissors and are usually dishwasher safe (I put mine on the top shelf). I have a few different kinds, but I like the Simba brand above for keeping at the table (keep away from the kiddos, of course) if I need to cut up more food. They have a lock and a cover.

p.s. Food scissors are also great for cutting up salad greens, quesadillas or even pizza, so consider getting a larger pair as well.

Large Food Scissors
KitchenAid Stainless Steel Kitchen Shears

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