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Yes, Most Women Can Work Out While Pregnant. Here’s How I Did It!

Going into my pregnancy with my second baby, I knew I wanted to stay as active as possible. I could go on and on about the benefits of exercising while pregnant, but to keep it quick, I simply love the escape of a good workout session and its long-lasting benefits for my mental health. A happy mama is the most important thing—both in pregnancy and parenthood! Of course, check with your healthcare provider first to find out what level of exercise during pregnancy is right for you.

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My personal prenatal fitness journey began with studio workout classes that I had been attending prior to getting pregnant. Think spin/cycle and sculpt classes that include lots of lunges, free weights and cardio bursts. The classes felt great! (Well, once I got out of that first-trimester nausea—boy, was that touch and go!) But then, as my baby bump began to grow, and my pregnancy progressed, I quickly realized that making prenatal-approved modifications would be necessary.

Knocked-Up Fitness

As a team member of Project Nursery, I had heard only great things about Knocked-Up Fitness and knew that following founder Erica Zeil’s advice would keep baby and me safe. Right off the bat, I knew I was in good hands. Once you enter the Members’ side of her website, you are greeted with a welcome and step-by-step instructions laying out the foundations of her program. These videos and tutorials are beautifully organized and will take you from wherever you are in your pregnancy up until it’s time to push! Seriously.

Prenatal Fitness

If you’re a schedule and checklist lover, then you’ll be pleased to find worksheets and calendars that walk you through your Knocked-Up Fitness journey. No matter where you are in your pregnancy, you’ll begin with breathing and core fundamentals that are not only important for working out but also for daily living! These tutorials have been some of my biggest takeaways from the Knocked-Up Fitness program. The cues will benefit your core stability and strength in addition to conditioning your pelvic floor—if you’re pregnant, these are MUSTS.

Prenatal Fitness

When I tell you that Erica’s program is organized and easy to use, I mean it! The members-only content on her website is sectioned off by multiple different criteria points, workout type, and, of course, by trimester. There are even workouts that utilize the kettlebell and TRX bands. I found the kettlebell workouts to be very invigorating and I loved its cardio benefits. The Prenatal Knocked-Up Fitness Program includes a seamless mix of higher intensity workout videos with gentler but still productive routines. I often switched workouts around based on how I was feeling that day—you know how that pregnancy energy comes and goes with a vengeance!

Prenatal Fitness

What I personally found most helpful was to do the workouts for each trimester and then bring the modified moves into my studio classes. Erica’s teachings allowed me to quickly identify moves that would not be safe, possible or comfortable for pregnancy and switch them out for exercises that are effective for pregnancy. This allowed me to stick with the fitness studio atmosphere that I craved while taking care of myself and my baby. A total win!

Knocked-Up Fitness

As an added bonus of the Prenatal Knocked-Up Fitness Program membership, you gain entry into a private facebook group. This group allows you quick access to both Erica Zeil and co-trainer Annie. It is also a beautiful space to share your workout journey, questions, and tips. In fact, it is in this private facebook group that I learned about the ProBump from Bao Bei (pictured below), which has absolutely been one of my favorite maternity products offering crucial support to my core and pelvic floor.

Prenatal Fitness

No matter what your starting point or fitness goals, I can confidently say that Knocked-Up Fitness is a worthwhile investment to your physical and mental health that will pay off during one of the most crucial times of your life—pregnancy. Taking care of yourself is synonymous with taking care of your baby, and choosing a routine and educator that is qualified and positive makes all the difference in the world!

If you would like to join the Prenatal Knocked-Up Fitness Membership, visit Knocked-Up Fitness. Plus, they have an exclusive offer just for Project Nursery readers! Enjoy a free downloadable copy of Erica’s book, The Knocked-Up Fitness Guide to Pregnancy when you begin your prenatal membership. Get the offer here.

Have you already given birth (p.s. It doesn’t matter how long ago!)? I encourage you to check out Erica’s Core Rehab Program. This program is an essential way to strengthen your core, pelvic floor, and total body in a safe and effective way.

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