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In the Nursery with Green Tie Studio

Today we are touring the nursery of Mattie Tiegreen, of Green Tie Studio. As a graphic designer, Mattie’s eye for color and mixing pattern is evident in daughter Zuri’s eclectic nursery. But when you read through her description of the space, what radiates most is the pure love that obviously went into designing this space. I love her point of view and how she has carefully thought out this space with her daughter in mind. It’s a sheer joy to see someone so enamored with their new role as mama, and we wish this sweet family all the best. You can also follow Mattie and her family over on instagram. Thanks for sharing your nursery with us!

Tiegreen Family

Where did you pull inspiration for your nursery design?
I think Zuri’s room has always been in my head. I know that sounds odd. We waited so long for her, so I think I’ve been subconsciously planning a nursery for years. I wanted it to be a space that flowed with the rest of our home’s style (modern, warm, fresh, personal) but with pops of color and fun elements, so it didn’t feel too grown up or serious. 

Gender Neutral Girl's Eclectic NurseryCrib | Crib SheetMountain Pillow in Crib Mudcloth PillowPlush Hippo Animal Blanket Rug

I want her to feel playful and creative in her room, so we balanced modern elements like a mid-century dresser and neutral wall decor with brighter elements like heirloom quilts, stuffed animals, fine art and books. All the books.

Gender Neutral Girl's Eclectic NurserySwing Arm Lamp Blanket LadderMustard Dot BlanketGray Striped Little Peeps Quilt

What part of the design process did you enjoy the most?
I loved curating the shelves above her dresser because it’s a collection of pieces from so many people who love her. We’ve displayed rattles, accessories, books, paintings, photos and decor—all from people who have prayed for her even before she was conceived. 

Gender Neutral Girl's Eclectic NurseryMobile

Overall, my favorite part of decorating was imagining her in the space. I loved thinking about what she’ll like to play with, which book she’ll want to read over and over, which stuffed animal she’ll sleep with, and all the moments we’ll spend together in there.  

Gender Neutral Girl's Eclectic NurseryPom Pom Garland | MirrorShelvesChanging Pad Cover

What is your favorite part or detail in your nursery?
If you had asked me this before she was born, I would have said the wall of bookshelves because I’m so excited to build her library. But now that she is here, I’d say that it’s the black and white animal blanket hanging above her bed. She stares and smiles at all the animals every time we put her in her crib, and, of course, I stare and smile at her while she does.

Gender Neutral Girl's Eclectic NurseryRockerTree BlanketCurtains

What is one thing that you would tell other parents to consider when starting their own nursery design project?
I’d say build something that is true to your style and that will inspire a child. I saw and loved so many all-white or super minimal nurseries, but I couldn’t honestly say I thought Zuri would be excited by that type of room. It may be something I think is beautiful, but when I imagine my daughter in her space, I want it to be more energetic than that. 

Gender Neutral Girl's Eclectic NurseryAlphabet Blocks Plush Cactus Abstract PaintingSurf Van

My advice would be to pull inspiration from lots of different places and use personal elements so you’re creating a space that’s unique to you and your family.

Tiegreen Family

Photography by Jamie Jones

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