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Maternity Must-Haves from a Second-Time Mom

As I near that 40-week mark, you should know that I have been thinking about this post since week one (well, like week six, but you get it). I’ve been keeping a running list of the products that I wanted to share with our Project Nursery community of moms, and only the items that truly stood up throughout all three trimesters made the list. These are the maternity items that helped to make my second pregnancy a bit more enjoyable. Plus, you’ll appreciate the fact that many of them can be on your doorstep in 48 hours thanks to the magic of Amazon Prime.

Maternity Must Haves Project Nursery (2)

I grabbed this tank top in white and black early on in my pregnancy, and I am so glad that I did! It gently hugs your baby bump and back in such a comforting and supportive way. The stretchy paneling allows me to stay more active during the day and truly cuts down on aches. I can instantly feel a difference when I put it on! Wear it alone, with a cardigan, or under dresses and tops. Use their size guide and don’t panic when you unwrap the package—this tank top has an incredible ability to stretch.

Maternity Belly Support Tank TopMaternity Belly Support Tank Top

For this pregnancy, I upgraded from the C-shaped pillow to the full U-shaped pillow. Best decision! I’m able to switch from sleeping on my left and right sides throughout the night and that has really helped to alleviate back and hip aches. Also, with support on both sides, the pillow helps me to stay on my sides instead of sleeping on my back, which I want to do so bad!

Full Pregnancy Body PillowFull Pregnancy Body Pillow

We’ll chat about this more later, but I want to quickly say that if you plan on staying in traditional workout classes during your pregnancy, you’re going to need to be well-versed in modifications for each trimester of your pregnancy. That is exactly what Knocked-Up Fitness has given me. Taught by an expert in pre- and post-natal fitness, the founder of this program will help you and your growing baby stay safe while doing the workouts you love.

Knocked-Up FitnessKnocked-Up Fitness

It’s me against the summer heat this pregnancy, which means I am working hard to keep swelling at bay (among other things like, sweat!). Whenever I have the opportunity to rest indoors, I use compression socks to keep my blood flowing.

Maternity Compression SocksCompression Socks

I swiped this from my toddler (she needed a louder one), and sleep has never been better. Just kidding, sleep while pregnant can be pretty rough no matter what. But the gentle white noise from this particular sound machine is oh-so-soothing and helps to lull me back to sleep when that pregnancy insomnia hits.

Dohm Sound Machine

White Noise Sound Machine

This lounge pajama dress is a gift from the maternity gods. The fabric is lovely, the length is ideal, the style and color are on-trend, and the price can’t be beaten. A good dupe for some high-end nursing gowns, this dress will easily take me from pregnancy (all trimesters when you size up) through breastfeeding thanks to its well-placed, functional buttons. I’m living in this.

Target Sleep DressSleep Dress

Between social media, stores, friends and experts, I’ve been bombarded with the latest in baby products. Soaking in all of the knowledge may be exhausting, but keeping a running list of the products that seem worthwhile has been easy with this cross-retailer registry. One shareable link and one list—you can’t beat that convenience. Plus, I’ve added all my favorites from our own Project Nursery Shop to my registry—so fun!


Staying super active during my pregnancy has been incredibly important to me. I’m experiencing the mental and physical benefits, and I truly believe that it is helping me stay positive and feeling (mostly) good as I get through all the feels of a second pregnancy. Early on, I tucked away all of my favorite exercise leggings (no thank you, super compression) and swapped them for these miracle workers. Featuring sleek, buttery fabric, super duper stretch, great durability, see-through proof colors, an incredibly comfortable fit and a price that you won’t believe. I have put my collection of three pairs through the test with multiple weekly spin and sculpt classes, plenty of sweat, and lots of time in the washing machine. They are holding up fabulously as they approach their 40th week in my life.

Amazon Workout LeggingsHigh-Rise Yoga/Workout Leggings

If maternity clothing lines aren’t for you, I found this collection from Target to be very forgiving, comfortable and stylish!

Knox Rose DressesKnox Rose Dresses

Does pregnancy ever make you just not feel fresh and perky? I’m raising both hands. A few spritzes of this on my face each morning and again later in the day offers a refreshing pick-me-up that feels amazing and is great for my skin too! It hydrates, tones, and calms both my crazy pregnant skin and my pregnancy emotions, too.

FacialMistBlog-Banner-1Witch Hazel Spray

You’ll hear it all throughout your pregnancy, “Walking is great to get you ready for labor!” While that is probably true, it’s also a wonderful way to stay active while remaining gentle on your body. Tracking my steps, reminds me to keep moving or even to take a little break!

FitBit 3


This product right here just may be my favorite new-find of my second pregnancy! Dubbed the “sports bra for your belly,” this baby bump band makes a difference! Perfect for all kinds of workouts, including walking, this band offers the right amount of abdominal support, helps remove pressure off of your lower back, and eases many general core aches and pains that come along with pregnancy. I absolutely could not have worked out in spin and sculpt classes for as long as I have without this product. It’s been amazing, and I plan to wear it post-pregnancy for continued support, as well.

BaoBei ProBumpProBump Belly Support Band

Hydration goals only increase when you find out you’re pregnant. It’s amazing how much better I feel inside and out when I have had ample water to drink. If remembering to drink water is as difficult for you as it is for me, I suggest trying this giant water bottle. With a convenient handle and room for 40 ounces of water, it’s easier to meet your goals and stay sipping when this buddy is nearby. I will say, it is heavy, so mine hardly leaves my house or desk. p.s. How great will this be for breastfeeding!

Stanley Water Bottle40 oz Water Bottle

I won’t push, I promise. But spend a minute looking into natural deodorants, and hopefully you will see the benefits, especially while pregnant and breastfeeding. I’ve tried many brands and this one is my current favorite, which is saying a lot as I brave this Southern summer heat while pregnant!

Natural Deodorant

I’m one of those women who gets annoyed at the thought of spending a fortune on a maternity wardrobe. This pregnancy, I’ve managed to get away with just a few new purchases and this maxi dress is my fave. The subtle belly pleating is just adorable without being over-the-top, and you can’t beat the simple silhouette. Plus, that Amazon price point and beautiful colors make it an easy add to your closet. p.s. This is the dress that I am wearing in the first photo of this post.

Amanda Macy Hall Maternity 122Maternity Maxi Dress

Maternity Must Haves Project Nursery (1)

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