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Sound the Alarm for the Ultimate Fire Truck Birthday Party!

Our son Maverick turned four less than a month ago. As many boys do, he LOVES his trucks. Especially those that are red. And large. And have flashing lights. And sirens. So when I asked him a little while ago about what type of birthday party he might want “FIRE TRUCK” was his obvious choice!

Plan the Ultimate Fire Truck Birthday Party!

Personally, I love the fire truck party theme! It’s an old classic that never goes out of style. It’s got a built-in color scheme already (red, yellow, black), and there are so many fun activities you can do with it! In this post, I’m going to tell you how I planned an awesome Fire Truck birthday party that he’ll never forget!

To start off, I custom-designed these firefighter invitations. I wanted to make them look just like the birthday boy!  The back side of the invitation features his name in a fire hose and all the party details. I can customize these same invitations I have for sale to look just like your little fireman, too!

Printable Firefighter Fire Truck Party Invitations

To greet guests, I displayed a one-of-a-kind welcome sign near the entry. It features the same fireman/birthday boy from his invitation, flames, his name in a hose and the famous phrase “Sound the Alarm!”

Sound the Alarm with a Custom Happy Birthday Welcome Sign

One of my favorite elements from his whole party was his cake, which I designed with Les Pop Sweets. I sent Liz an image of Maverick’s invitation and wanted her to recreate the fireman along with his name spelled out in a three-dimensional fire hose which was NOT an easy task! Liz made my dreams come true and I loved how unique his cake was!

Firefighter Birthday Party Birthday Cake

To add to the party decor, I created a fireman boot and flame banner. I hung it on my fireplace mantel, just below my “burning buildings,” which I also designed. I used gray gift bags and stuffed them full of red, orange and yellow tissue paper. Then, I designed printable windows with flames you can cut out and glue onto the bags (or buildings, in this case). I love how it really looks like burning buildings!

Create your own 'Fire Backdrop' with burning buildings and a flame and boot banner!

On the buffet table, I placed a printable food buffet sign that featured a big red fire truck and the phrase “Stop, Drop, and Roll!”

Stop, Drop, and Roll on over to the Firefighter Buffet printable sign

For the buffet table food name cards, I designed place cards with four different designs—flames (as shown below), a fireman, a hydrant and hose, and a fireman’s boot. These tent-style food name cards are editable, meaning you can type your own text in them and then print them yourself!

Firefighter Birthday Party - Peppers made to look like flames and printable food name cards

Another one of my MOST favorite unique designs for Maverick’s Fire Truck Party was the Firemen on Straw Poles! I came up with a printable design for a fireman that you can print out, cut around, and then slide onto a straw to decorate your favorite party drinks! It looks just like a fireman sliding down the pole, ready to race to a fire! I also used metallic silver straws to resemble real fire poles. I wrapped the milk bottles with real reflective tape ribbon, just like kind you’d find on authentic firefighter uniforms!

Firemen Straw Flags - sliding down the fire pole! Fireman Birthday Party

At our drink and beverage station, I also displayed a 4″ x 6″ printable sign that read “Extinguish Your Thirst” and featured a fire extinguisher icon.

Extinguish Your Thirst at the Beverage Station! Firefighter Birthday Party

Behind the cake table, I displayed a giant fire truck backdrop that spelled out the words “Happy Birthday” in a red fire hose! It was the perfect background for his cake!

Printable and Customizable Fire Truck Cake Table Backdrop

Party guests received cute little stuffed dalmatian dogs and a copy of Curious George and the Firefighters. The party favors were wrapped with red ribbon and personalized goody bag tags from Maverick!

Dalmatian party favors with customized gift tags!

A super fun activity that we set up in our backyard was a “Firefighter Training Obstacle Challenge Course.” The kids went through a tunnel, crawled under noodles and ran around cones.

Set up a firefighter obstacle training course in your back yard!

Every single kid loved strapping on the water-filled fire hose backpack and putting out the “fire” at the grocery store market. It was a HUGE hit!

Put out the fire at your obstacle training course!

Kids also had fun doing a bean bag toss into a burning building, a hula hoop toss around a fire hydrant, and rescuing a kitten stuck in a tree. Read my firefighter birthday party activities post for more details on these backyard games.

Kids will love a firefighter obstacle training challenge course!

A fire truck party wouldn’t be complete without—you guessed it—a real fire truck! I used this amazing company for hire named Smokey’s Fire Truck Events. They have old fire trucks that have been retrofitted with bench seats on the top of the truck. Our party guests had the BEST time riding around the neighborhood, flashing the lights and making the siren wail! Maverick couldn’t believe he was riding in an actual fire truck!

No Fire Truck Party is complete without a ride on a Fire Truck!

This was truly our little man’s “Best Day Ever.” If you’re looking to plan a fire truck party of your own, I hope you’ve gotten some inspiration from my post about how to plan your own ultimate Fire Truck Party!

Plan the BEST Fire Truck Birthday Party EVER!

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Monday 15th of April 2019

Totally adorable!! My son is firefighter obsessed at the moment and wants a firefighter themed party! Thanks so much for sharing your sons party! Do you mind sharing how you made the cups with flames for the grocery store area?

Thanks so much!!


Tuesday 16th of April 2019

Hi Tawni! Emily wrote a second post detailing all the activities for her firefighter birthday party. Hope it helps!


Monday 23rd of April 2018

Actually I’d you could just explain how you got the flames at the top of the bean bag toss fire house? How you got them to stand straight up! Thank you so much


Monday 23rd of April 2018

Hi how did you get the noodles to stick in the ground and did you hand paint/draw the brick onto the beam bag house?


Wednesday 18th of April 2018

Thank you!!!! Do you mind telling me also where you got the rain boots from???


Wednesday 18th of April 2018

The boot on the table? It looks like it's this one.