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Safe and Snuggly Cold Weather Baby Gear

Getting out of the door with your baby can be a tough task, and when you add cold weather, it can seem like packing a baby up and getting ready to go out takes longer than your actual trip. Check out this cold weather baby gear that will keep them warm and cozy, but will also make life a little easier for you during the cold months.

7 A.M Blanket 212 Evolution. If you are headed out the door for a walk with your stroller you don’t have to fight to keep a stroller blanket over your little one. The Blanket 212 Evolution by 7 A.M. Enfant is a stylish, versatile and durable foot muff that will grow with your baby from infancy through their toddler years. This foot muff includes a hood, thermal filling and waterproof shell ensuring your little one stays warm and dry no matter the weather you venture out in. This may seem like a splurge, but considering you can use this until your child is four years old, it is worth every penny.

7 A.M Blanket 212 Evolution cold weather baby gear

7 A.M. WarMMuffs. It seems like a rule that just at the point you have the baby bundled up and you get your own scarf and gloves on, the baby needs something. Instead of repeatedly taking them on and off, you can keep your hands toasty while pushing the stroller and still have your bare hands to tend to baby in the WarMMuffs by 7 A.M. Enfant. These cozy hand warmers allow you to securely hold your stroller while keeping warm.

7 A.M. WarMMuffs Cold Weather Baby Gear

JJ Cole Car Seat Cover. In order for your baby’s car seat to keep them safe the straps need to be snug. If your baby is wearing anything too bulky or puffy in their car seat, it can create space between them and their harness in the event of a crash. We recommend you don’t put your baby in a bulky coat and don’t use one of the popular sleeping bag covers that go inside the car seat. A great alternative to both of these is a car seat cover like the one below from JJ Cole. The outside band is elastic and will fit over any standard infant car seat, making it super easy to install or remove on warmer days.

JJ Cole Car Seat Cover Cold Weather Baby Gear

Zutano Cozie Elf Suit. This cute fleece one-piece is a great extra layer to keep baby cozy as you head out even on the coldest winter days. Fold over flaps cover baby’s feet and hands and the attached hood keep baby toasty. This suit boasts super soft fleece that dries quickly making it the perfect alternative to a puffy coat for any infant.

Zutano Cozie Elf Suit

Boba Hoodie Carrier Cover. Whether you love baby wearing or you just need to get outside for a break in the winter, it can be daunting to think of carrying a baby in the cold. This sweatshirt like design will put your mind at ease by covering them with a soft terry cotton blend. This cover has a hidden zipper for easy on/off and thumb holes to keep the sleeves down and your hands warmer.

Boba Hoodie Carrier Cover

We hope you and baby have lots of fall and winter adventures while staying nice and toasty warm!

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