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How to Make an Easy (and on trend!) Pom Pom Storage Basket

I have this thing with pom poms and kids’ rooms. There’s just something so playful about puffy little pom poms adorning ordinary household items. You’ve probably also noticed they are trending this year. From nursery mobiles and little sweaters, to rugs, storage bins and everything in between, pom poms are the perfect accessory for spicing up a kid’s space.

DIY Pom Pom Storage Basket

With pom poms on my mind, I decided to tackle another nap time project (although this one took closer to two nap times to complete). The end result? A festive pom pom storage basket for Brody’s overflowing collection of stuffed animals. Seriously though, how many stuffed animals can a one-year-old have? I think we may have set a record.

DIY Pom Pom Storage Basket

The best part of this project? It’s so simple! No sewing, no glue and only four items on the supply list. Even if you think you’re not the crafty type, I promise this is one project you will not fail.

DIY Pom Pom Storage Basket

Materials: Clover Pom Pom Maker, scissors, ball of yarn (makes approximately 9 pom poms), woven basket

  1. Open both sides of the pom pom maker, and start wrapping the yarn tightly around the first colored side. Continue wrapping around the same side at least eight times. This ensures a fluffy pom pom.
  2. Fold the wrapped side of the pom pom maker in, and continue the process of wrapping yarn on the other side, going around at least eight times.
  3. Close this side of the pom pom maker, and cut it loose from the ball of yarn.
  4. Slide your scissors into the pom pom maker and begin cutting the yarn around the entire device.
  5. Take a long piece of yarn and tightly tie the pom pom down the middle.
  6. Remove the pom pom and fluff the ball.
  7. Trim loose edges to create a more uniform shape. Do not trim the piece of yarn you used to tie the pom-pom.
  8. Thread the pieces of yarn you used to tie the pom pom through your woven basket and tie a knot with the string on the inside of the basket.

Pom Pom Storage Basket Tutorial

Repeat the process to make enough pom poms to adorn your basket.

DIY Pom Pom Storage Basket

Ta-da! You’ve just created your first pom pom storage basket. Have fun playing around with different colored yarns and different shaped baskets. I also have a fun tutorial for a pom pom garland over on Momma Society. It is one of my favorite items in Brody’s room. Happy pom-poming!

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