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DIY New Year’s Eve Hats for the Whole Family + Free Printables!

No respectable New Year’s reveler would be caught without proper party headwear! This year we’ve got you covered with a trio of festive DIY New Year’s Eve hats to help your whole crew welcome the New Year in style. Go grab your glitter, your glue gun and the free printables below!

DIY New Year's Eve Hats

Materials: Printable headband templates (Sparkle Dot, NYE Geo Banner, DIY 2017 (2019 version), cardstock, printer, scissors, adhesive (glue or tape)

Optional Embellishments: glitter, sequins, confetti, pipe cleaners, feathers, pom-poms, washi tape, etc.

Print your favorite free template onto white cardstock or a heavyweight photo paper. Each headband has a front and back piece—make sure to print both pages, and adjust your print quality settings to “BEST” for optimum color and clarity.

Use sharp scissors to cut out the front, back and extension pieces of the headband (these EK precision scissors are my fave for detailed cutting). Your littlest noggins won’t need the extension strips, but most others will.

Free Printable New Year's Eve Hats

If you’re in a hurry or just like the design as-is, use your adhesive to attach the ends of the front strip to the ends of the back strip to create a circular headband (include extensions if needed). You can figure out the correct sizing by simply fitting the strips around the wearer’s head prior to assembly. I prefer using hot glue to put together my hats because I’m notoriously impatient, but tape works well too. The Sparkle Dot design has a special surprise—the “2017” peeks over the head from behind.

DIY New Year's Eve Hats

Embellishments can be added to the pre-made designs too. Star confetti and looped pipe-cleaners increase the bling factor of the Geo Banner hat. I found it easiest to decorate the templates laying flat before assembling them into completed headbands.

DIY New Year's Eve Hats

If you’re an enthusiastic DIYer, the plain version was designed with you in mind. Pass them out for the kids to go crazy with crayons or test your well-honed glitter skills—either way, the DIY 2017 (updated 2019 version) template is up for anything!

DIY New Year's Eve Hats

Do you let your wee ones try to pull a late-nighter? Being east coasters, it’s rare that all four members of my lil’ fam make it to the ball drop. Despite the party food and extra excitement, this guy is usually the first man down, zonked out on the couch long before he can practice counting backwards.

DIY New Year's Eve Hats

And while I wouldn’t go placing any bets on our midnight stamina, of one thing I’m sure. These DIY New Year’s Eve hats will have us at least looking the part until the kids are out cold or 11:59pm—whichever comes first.

DIY New Year's Eve Hats for the Whole Family

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  1. avatar Athira says:

    How can i get these for printing

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    Wonderful ideas. My kids will love the hats. I’ll definitely try making them.

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