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How to Make Bottle Feeding Simple, Safe and Smart

Babies these days really have it made, don’t they? I mean, the nurseries are totally stylish, the clothes are cuter than ever, and the gear just keeps getting smarter. Case in point—anything and everything in Baby Brezza’s ingenious collection of feeding products.

From baby food makers to bottle feeding products, Baby Brezza knows how to make the process of nourishing your baby simple and seamless. And when you’re a new mom attempting to adjust to the everyday needs of a tiny human, trust us—you’re going to want to accept all the help you can get, whether it comes in the form of a hot meal cooked by someone other than yourself or a new piece of baby gear that makes it just a little bit easier to meet those demands.

So we all know that one of the most basic needs of newborns is to eat. And we also know that they need to eat many, many (many!) times each day. And on top of that, when they’re hungry, waiting for you to warm a bottle isn’t on their agenda—they want to eat NOW. Enter the Safe + Smart Bottle Warmer from Baby Brezza. It’s the easiest solution for warming bottles and the smartest too, but we’ll get to that in a second.

Safe + Smart Bottle Warmer from Baby Brezza

The Safe + Smart Bottle Warmer allows both formula feeding and breastfeeding parents to warm bottles for baby quickly, easily and most important of all, safely. Formula feeding parents can celebrate because it features a quick mode that uses steam to heat formula or milk to the ideal temperature quickly (based on bottle size and starting temperature).

For breastfeeding moms, the Safe + Smart Bottle Warmer features a steady mode that protects those precious nutrients found only in breast milk by gently heating it with a warm water bath. Take it from this former breastfeeding mama who had to work really hard for every last drop of pumped milk—you’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that when you use the warmer, all that time attached to your breast pump will be worth it.

I mentioned that Baby Brezza’s bottle warmer is smart, and we all know that for a product to be smart, it must be connected. And for the Safe + Smart Bottle Warmer, that means that it’s Bluetooth-enabled and you can control it from an app on your smartphone. Using the free Baby Brezza app, you can adjust all the settings right from your phone, and you’ll receive an alert when your bottle is warm and ready. What’s more convenient than that?

Safe + Smart Bottle Warmer from Baby Brezza

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