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Pedicures and Pampering: How to Host a Spa Day for Kids

I am SO excited about this post, as I feel like I’ve always dreamed of the day that I could share a spa day with my own little girls. I recently surprised my two daughters with a mommy/daughter spa day, and I’m not sure who enjoyed it more—me or them! Here are all the things I did to create an at-home spa day for kids.

At-Home Spa Day for Kids

To set the scene and start the day, I presented the girls with this spa day invitation that I designed and created using nail polish clipart.

Spa Day Invitation

I also designed and created a “Welcome to the Spa” sign to hang on the door to the “spa” (a.k.a. our upstairs guest suite). It was great fun because I kept my plans a TOTAL surprise, and the girls basically had no idea what they were walking into when they opened the door! To design the invitation and welcome sign, I used some spa-themed clipart that I downloaded from Jenny L DesignsJessica Weible Illustrations and Decorartist on Etsy.

Welcome to the Spa Sign

To further enhance the zen-like atmosphere, I downloaded some relaxing and soothing spa music from iTunes to play during our spa day, just like you’d hear at the real spa!

What’s a spa day with out tea? I set up a dining table so we could enjoy tea at our spa! Oriental Trading Company has some amazing spa-themed products that were the perfect color scheme for my spa day, like beverage napkinsspa confetti and lanterns. I also found adorable cucumber plates from Birthday Express that matched perfectly! I finished the table with some fresh roses and used double-sided tape to stick a piece of cucumber confetti onto my milk bottle glasses—so easy and festive!

Spa Party Tea Time

I also created these spa day food menus using the spa face clipart, featuring the tea sandwiches I made. The girls LOVED it! The menus are editable and you can enter in your own menu!

Spa Day Menu

It was fun to create a “grown-up” tea tower for my girls to nibble on during our spa day. I made fancy PB&J and cream cheese & cucumber sandwiches, served their favorite fresh fruits and had sprinkle cookies, cupcakes and meringues for dessert. I also infused the water with cucumber and mint.

Spa Day Sandwiches and Sweets

Heart-shaped PB&J and fancy cucumber sandwiches are a perfect lunch for a spa day for kids!

Spa Day Sandwiches and Sweets

I created this banner to hang above my pedicure station using nail polish clipart and spa face clipart. I simply printed the polish bottles and spa faces individually on 8 1/2″ x 11″ pieces of cardstock, cut around the nail polish bottles and applied sticky white letters to each bottle. Another easy project for you, I promise!

DIY Spa Day Banner

I designed this tabletop Pedicure Station sign using adorable spa girl clipart.

DIY Pediure Station

This is a photo of my girls getting their pedicures! To create my DIY pedicure station, I put pillows on top of a white coffee table (to serve as back rests) and filled medical wash basins with warm water, bubbles and rose petals. The girls were SO excited to be wearing super soft robes and spa headbands, and they absolutely loved soaking their piggies in the rose petal-filled foot baths!

DIY Pedicure Station

DIY Pedicure Station

I also created this menu of spa services for the girls to choose from. Of course they wanted to do the green facial mask and put cucumbers on their eyes, and they giggled the whole time we did it!

Spa Day Menu of Services

A spa day wouldn’t be complete without a tray full of spa products! Gather up a bunch of fun goodies to display, like toe separators, foam sandals, face masks, q-tips, sliced cucumbers, gel eye pads, foot loofahs, scrubbers—the more the merrier! I found almost all of my supplies at my local pharmacy—they had a TON of options to choose from!

Spa Day Products

And finally, I printed out images of cucumbers, cut around them and then tied them to rolled-up washcloths with some pretty pink ribbon. These would also make adorable party favors for a spa-themed birthday party!

Spa-Themed Favors

The finished product! Of course both girls wanted pink nail polish with pink sparkles on top!

At-Home Pedicure for Kids

DIY Spa Day for Kids

We all had such fun doing our mommy/daughter spa day that this is definitely something I can see becoming an annual event at our house! I hope you have fun creating your own spa day for kids—happy pampering!


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  1. avatar Teresa says:

    I love this! Thank you so much for the ideas and resources. I’m going to do this in January or February when winter can start feeling long since the holidays over.

  2. avatar Kreolee says:

    @Cynthia Mane, there are non-toxic nail polish you can buy from the dollar store which are safe for kids to use. They can be applied and removed easily and comes with different rainbow colors. For the eyes, I use real cucumber and just plain water for face which I put in a cute spray bottle and I get different reaction from the kids everytime their face gets sprayed on. Hahah

  3. avatar Kreolee says:

    @someone, I am a “mother” of 35+ kids at a preschool and I can assure you these kids (boys and/or girls) loved to be pampered this way. I’m not sure where you are from but, in my country kids are even given SPA services which they love to the max. You need not be rude if you didn’t like the idea. In fact, maybe you need to go to a SPA and relax. Chill!

  4. avatar someone says:

    Stupid. I’m sure kids would much rather be doing something else. Like riding bike, playground, video games, hang with friends. Spa day for kids? There is a reason why real spas don’t allow kids.

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  6. avatar Cynthia Mane says:

    Hi I would to know if beauty treatments is safe for kids face and the nail polish too.

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  9. avatar Flo says:

    I love what you did! I am thinking of organising a spa day for my toddler soon and you have some crazy awesome ideas to take the day to a whole new level! Thank you!

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  16. avatar Kim says:

    Very cute! Where did you buy the basins?
    Thank you!

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  19. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Jenn, Emily links to them throughout the post. She sells them in her Etsy shop!

  20. avatar Jenn says:

    Can you share the printables you used? Super cute!

  21. avatar Alice says:

    Indeed a cute thing to organize for the girls) Maybe next year we should try it out

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  23. avatar Pepper Sardarizadeh says:

    This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen! You did an AMAZING job! I have 2 little girly girls of my own. Can’t wait to do our own spa day after seeing all of your great ideas! Thank you so much for posting! xoxo

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