Creepy Fun with a Halloween Touch and Feel Table!

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. EVER. I don’t know what it is about the whole thing, but I can’t stop buying every creepy, crawly Halloween decoration I lay my eyes on—from eyeballs, to rats, to bloody candy fingers—I love it all! I have a fond, yet foggy memory of my mom setting up a Halloween “touch and feel” table at our house for the holiday when I was a kid. I can’t remember too much about it, other than touching some spaghetti in a bowl with a blindfold, but I remember thinking it was the most hilariously gross thing ever. For kids, getting to touch slimy, wiggly, gooey stuff makes them squeal with excitement! So, I wanted to recreate this same fun with my kids many years later with my own “Touch and Feel” table, and here’s just how I did it!

Halloween Touch and Feel Table

To make a creepy touch and feel table of your very own you will need the following supplies:

Black plastic cauldrons (one for each body part, I had eight)

Cheese cloth (to cover the tops of the cauldrons so pesky kids can’t peek!)

Rubber bands (to secure the cheese cloth around the top of the cauldrons)

Body part identification signs – I designed and made my own on my printer, but you can easily write them with a sharpie on some tent-style place cards. I also added little pictures of the real body part for the little kids who can’t yet read the titles.

Creepy, crawly accents – I decorated my table with some plastic bugs, spiders, eyeballs and vials of centipedes, roaches and worms to take the gross factor up a notch!

Halloween DIY Touch and Feel Table

Fake body parts (to go inside your cauldrons) – There are many different versions of what you can use, but I used the following items:

Bones = raw hide dog bones

Brain = boiled green head of cauliflower

Heart = boiled heirloom tomato with skin removed

Intestines = cooked spaghetti or pappardelle pasta

Eyeballs = red grapes

Toes = cocktail sausages

Teeth = unpopped corn kernels

Fingernails = sliced almonds

I also made this funny little sign to sit on the table, which made it look like our touch and feel table was part of a scientific laboratory gone wrong! I used some rubber frogs, some olive oil and put them into an apothecary jar. I must admit, they looked pretty real!

A rubber frog in olive oil looks very realistic!

I used test tube vials and put water and rubber bugs inside and also displayed them on the table.

Test tube vials of bugs take the "ick" factor up a notch!

Brains! Boiled green cauliflower. I was also thinking you could soak it in some red food coloring as well to give it a blood-tinged effect.

Brains! Boiled green cauliflower

Intestines! Cooked spaghetti in all its glory.

Intestines! Cooked Spaghetti

Toes! Tiny cocktail sausages in their slime.

Toes! Cocktail Sausages

Bones! Rawhide dog bones feel really real!

Bones! Rawhide dog bones

Heart! A boiled heirloom tomato with the skin removed—yuck! But oh my, does it feel real!

Heart! Boiled heirloom tomato with skin removed

Eyeballs! Red, squishy grapes feel just like eyeballs!

Eyeballs! Chilled red grapes

Best of luck in creating an awesomely gross Halloween “Touch and Feel” table of your own! I know your kids will have a blast! Happy Halloween!

Have a creepy, crawly Happy Halloween "touch and feel" table!

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