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Planning the Perfect Pool Party

The temperatures are heating up—what better way to celebrate than with a pool party? It’s about this time of year that we start jonesin’ for the beach, the salty ocean breeze and sand in our toes, so today we’re sharing some inspiration and ideas for a kids summer pool party with a totally awesome surfer vibe. Grab your board and catch a wave on over!

Kids Summer Pool Party

This theme is a perfect summer party for kids of all ages. There are so many fun ways to create a backyard surf and sand paradise for your guests! Decorate by filling the pool with inexpensive beach balls and inflatable toys that fit with your color scheme. If your little ones are too tiny for the big pool (or if you don’t have one in your backyard), small plastic pools are a great alternative to let them splash around for some summer fun!

Kids Summer Pool Party with Beach Balls

Beach buckets are essential for any ocean-themed party. We used plastic buckets that doubled as lunch containers and take-home favors for summertime play and sandcastle building.

Beach Bucket Lunch Container

Pineapples are all the rage! Keep things super simple by using them as centerpieces for a fresh, fruity and tropical look. You can also back guests’ chairs with matching beach towels that give off a Cabana Beach Club vibe.

Pool Party Table with Pineapple Centerpieces

Coconut cups with blue “ocean water” punch will have little beach bunnies and surfer dudes hanging ten at this swell celebration.

Blue "Ocean Water" Punch for Kids

Here are a few ideas for some pool games the kids will have fun playing.

Octopus. Choose one person to be “it.” That person stands in the middle of the pool. Players line up on one side of the pool and try to swim to the other side without being tagged. The players who are tagged hold hands with “it,” and for the next round, all the players holding hands try to tag the swimmers as they try and make it to the other end of the pool. Keep going until all players have been tagged. Then choose another “it” and start again.

Water Balloon Toss. Water balloon tosses are even more fun in the pool. Divide the players into teams, and have them toss water balloons back and forth. Start with teammates close to each other, and have them take a step back after each round. If the balloon pops, that team is out. Remember to pick up broken balloon pieces right away and keep them away from small children!

Kids Summer Pool Party

Kids Summer Pool Party

There are so many perfect favor options for this party theme. Sunglasses, sunscreen, water bottles, goggles, beach balls, pool toys and flip flops are all cute ideas! We came across this adorable tutorial for DIY Ribbon Flip Flops that would make a fun party craft.

And last but not least, it doesn’t get any better than gummy starfish-topped cupcakes and surfboard cookies for dessert!

Kids Summer Pool Party

Surfboard Cookies

Cupcakes with Gummy Starfish Toppers

We hope you and your kids have a splashin’ good time this summer!