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Delivering in Style: Hospital Gowns

Well, I’d like to pretend that I’m much closer than I really am, but the reality is that I still have a little over three months until baby girl arrives, or 14 weeks, or 98 days…or 2,352 hours—but heck, who’s counting, right?

My oldest, Cade, will be seven this summer, and by proof of this picture, there was nothing stylish or appealing about the hospital gowns available to me. (Apparently there wasn’t any makeup or a hairbrush around either, geesh!) If I’d had the colorful choices that are available today, I guarantee you, I wouldn’t have looked such a mess. I mean, whose color is hospital-greenish-white anyway?

Now, thanks to these wonderful companies (surely created by style-conscious women), we can add a little color to that special day, and hopefully, look a little cuter in our pictures too! So say goodbye to the oversized, revealing one-size-fits-all traditional hospital gowns—these stylish alternatives are hospital approved!

So whether you are delivering your first baby, facing an extended hospital stay or just want to add a little color to your special day, you can do it in comfort and style!

1. BirthDay Suits Delivery Gown 2. Gownies Delivery Gown 3. Doodlebugs Chic Maternity Hospital Gown 4. Baby Be Mine has a variety of Gownies in prints like Molly Pink Dot or 5. Zoe Brown Dot


Camille Corneille

Saturday 18th of August 2012

Hi I recently delivered my daughter and was given a Mommy Gown which was fantastic! Was the most practical hospital gown I couldve ever imagined, everyone was raving about it. And apparently they arent as costly as other designer gowns out there.. check them out if you need to give someone a baby shower gift.. was one of the better gifts I received.. !

Shannon Choe

Wednesday 27th of June 2012

I love as well!


Monday 11th of June 2012

Well, the first gown is rather too frilly, and judging from the way I really look after giving birth, I'm sure I'd look ridiculous in this one, with unkempt hair that's all over the place and the bloated face. So gown number 2 would suit me just fine.


Tuesday 29th of May 2012

I really wished I looked half as fab as you did when you gave birth Katy. These are amazing, I think all hospitals' delivery rooms should have these on hand!


Thursday 24th of May 2012

Katy, you look great without makeup don't worry about it. As for these delivery gowns, it's really another reason to get pregnant again!