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Look at Me!

What baby or child doesn’t love to look at themselves in the mirror? It’s pure entertainment especially when you let loose to make goofy faces, throw your hands in the air and dance like a crazy person in front of it. Anyone trying to entertain kids knows exactly what I am talking about!  So this weekend I was told that teaching your child the song “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”, works best when standing in front of the mirror next to your child. I’ll have to give it a try which now has me shopping for a different kind of mirror. Here are some cool, contemporary finds beyond just your standard piece of glass…


Cindy-Lee Davies is the talented designer behind Australian design house, Lightly. “I Spy” is their playful, expressive mirror collection. I would love to use these mirrors in a playroom or along an informal hallway. I spy them at Aviary.

London based designers Christina Greenhalgh and Jane Glibbery have recently entered the US market with Spaceform London ™ USA.  Spaceform provides unique, decorative glass gifts such as frames, paperweights and wonderful, whimsical, hand-painted mirrors. A perfect additon for baby’s room just above the changing station!