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DIY: Simple Silhouettes

Silhouettes are classic and timeless; they can be used in all sorts of decoration effortlessly. Create a stellar backdrop for a dessert table by putting together a nice collection of artfully arranged framed silhouettes of the birthday boy or girl or add a silhouette to your little one’s room as the perfect finishing touch.

I remember having my shadow traced for a silhouette while sitting by a bright light as a child. I can’t get my kids to sit still for anything, so catching them in profile in a photo is a much easier (and accurate!) way to capture a perfect silhouette.

Step 1. Lure your children to stand against a white wall where you can take their picture in profile (in that minuscule moment where they may be standing still). It may take more than one treat—it did for mine.

Step 2. Print out your picture on a letter size sheet of paper. I made my photo black and white so it would be easier to see the profile to cut around.

Step 3. Tape the printout to card stock so that it stays still while you are cutting it out.

Step 4. Cut out your child’s silhouette.

Step 5. After oohing and ahhing over what a great job you did, glue your sweet little silhouette onto paper cut to fit your frame. Then put your final product into your frame and hang.


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