Tell Us Which Project You ♥ the Most

Nature Nursery

No special glasses needed to view this week’s roundup of nursery spaces and birthday parties from our Project Gallery! This collection features bright, beautiful and fascinating designs that are 100% safe for your eyes and swoon-worthy for your heart. […]


Readers’ Favorite: Popsicle Pool Party

Popsicle Party Cupcake Toppers

We’re feeling the summer vibes, and so are you! Fill up the pool, put the popsicles on ice, and let’s celebrate the sunshiney days with cool treats and sparkly sweets. […]


Cute and Colorful Tutti Frutti Birthday Party

Tutti Frutti Kawaii Cake

Today I’m sharing my newest party theme for I party I designed for my middle daughter who just turned 5! I always let all my kids pick their own party theme; though I will admit that I may steer them away from commercially licensed themes. […]


A DIY Outdoor Bubble Station and My Favorite Bubble Recipe

DIY Bubble Station

With summer on the horizon, I’ve been experimenting with fun activities to entertain Brody. One of our favorite activities has been creating a DIY bubble station in our driveway. It’s simple to set up, provides at least a solid 45 minutes of entertainment […]


Hold onto Summer as Long as You Can!

Felt Rainbow Garland from The Project Nursery Shop

Our biggest commodity is time, and it moves so fast! I swear May and June seem like they were just last week! Somehow it’s already August. What? I’ve only been to the beach twice this summer, and I’m still pasty. Seriously, summer is so fleeting. […]


The Quintessential Summer Activity

Chalkboard Playtable

Show of hands, who had a lemonade stand when they were little? My hand’s up. While my stand was a simple folding table with paper cups and a pitcher of mixed lemonade during a neighborhood garage sale, the sky’s the limit on how much fun you want to have creating a special and unforgettable summer memory for your kids.