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Goodbye Summer Camp, Hello Family Adventure!

We all know that the summer struggle is real! Between scheduling playdates and summer camps, it can be both overwhelming and expensive. Last summer, Project Nursery’s Co-Founder Melisa Fluhr threw in the towel, and instead of signing her kids up for summer camp and jumping into the traditional summer schedule, she opted for the ultimate family adventure—six weeks in Asia!

Family Trip to Asia

I know what you’re thinking, how did she pull it off with three kids in tow? The trip may not have been 100% smooth sailing, but the bumps in the road were well worth the reward. Between learning how to travel like pros and explore the unknown, her kids will never forget this amazing experience! Now Melisa is afraid her kids will never want to go back to summer camp again.

Family Trip to Asia

After all, how do you compete with underground food halls, the Pokemon Mega Center and Imperial Palace?

Family Trip to Asia

Want to hear all the details of this epic family trip? Melisa shared the full story with our friends at Twist Travel Magazine, which they featured in their 2018 summer issue.

Twist Travel Magazine

Are you inspired to embark on your own family adventure? We want to help get you ready! Head to Twist Travel Magazine to enter to win over $2500 in prizes, everything you need to make your summer travels with kids organized, fun all with a twist of style!